Single-Mode Fiber Laser delivers 5 kW.

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Featuring 850 x 800 mm footprint, Model YLS-5000-SM delivers virtually perfect Gaussian beam quality and 22% AC wall-plug efficiency. Continuous wave, solid state laser is suited for assist-free remote cutting as well as remote welding in automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding industries. It also offers solution for many tactical directed energy applications.

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IPG Photonics Announces Delivery of Five Kilowatt Single-Mode Fiber Laser to First U.S. Customer

Fiber Laser Leader Enters Additional Markets and Applications with World's Brightest Commercial Solid State Laser

OXFORD, MA, March 18, 2009 -- IPG Photonics Corporation, the world leader in high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers, announced today the delivery of the first five kilowatt single-mode fiber laser to a customer in the United States. This laser represents the latest development in the power scaling of IPG Photonics' patent-pending high-power single-mode fiber laser technology.

The Company's five kilowatt single-mode laser, the YLS-5000-SM is the world's brightest CW solid state laser in production, given the combination of output power and virtually perfect Gaussian beam-quality (M^2 = 1.2). IPG Laser GmbH, a subsidiary, previously delivered a similar unit to a European customer. The YLS-5000-SM is a turn-key package that offers a small footprint (850mm x 800mm) and high efficiency, at 22% AC, wall-plug.

Developed for industrial markets, the laser is well-suited for cutting-edge industrial applications. "This level of power and beam quality enables our industrial customers to use fiber lasers for applications which were not previously possible with other lasers, such as assist-free remote cutting as well as remote welding in the automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding industries" said Bill Shiner, Vice President of Industrial Markets. "The increased power and brightness of this laser allows customer to increase processing speeds and eliminate the use of expensive assist gasses in a mobile package."

IPG has also garnered interest in its industrial lasers within defense markets. "There is keen interest within the tactical directed energy market for single-mode lasers having output power in the range of 5kW to 10kW," commented Mike O'Connor, Director of Advanced Applications. "IPG industrial fiber lasers have a reputation for providing high power, reliability, efficiency and ruggedness in a compact package at a low cost. Now with this added combination of high power with near-perfect beam-quality, IPG offers a compelling and proven commercial laser solution for many tactical directed energy applications. IPG can customize the form factor and reduce weight to meet customer requirements."

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