Single Board Computers support Windows CE 5.0.

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Available for PC/104, EPIC, or EBX SBCs, Microsoft Windows CE v5.0 32-bit OS combines real-time capabilities with software development tools. It offers bundled support for multimedia, Internet, LANs, and mobile communications and security services. SBCs are built for embedded industrial applications that require extended operating temperature of -40 to +85°C. CE 5.0 is ported to boards, plus each configuration has Quick Start Kit to speed development of application.

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WinSystems Rolls Out Windows CE 5.0 on its PC/104, EPIC, and EBX SBCs

March 8, 2005, Embedded Systems Conference, San Francisco, CA, Booth 1436 - Today, WinSystems introduced support of Windows CE 5.0 for their PC/104, PC/104-Plus, EPIC and EBX single board computers (SBCs). Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 is an open, scalable, 32-bit operating system (OS) that integrates reliable, real-time capabilities with advanced Windows technologies. It meets the needs for an embedded operating system by providing a mature and complete technology portfolio with both a low initial and life cycle cost. Windows CE offers application developers the versatile environment of the Microsoft Win32 application programming interface (API) along with the ease and versatility of scripting languages. It also offers bundled support for multimedia, the Internet, local area networks (LANs), and mobile communications and security services.

Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 combines an advanced real-time embedded operating system with powerful software development tools for rapidly creating the next generation of smart, connected, and small-footprint solutions using WinSystems' PC/104, EPIC, or EBX SBCs boards and stackable modules. These SBCs are designed and built for rugged, embedded industrial applications that require an extended operating temperature of -400 to +850 Celsius.

CE 5.0 has been ported to the boards plus each configuration has a Quick Start Kit to provide the essential components needed to immediately speed development of the user's application. The kit includes a Board Support Package (BSP) which provides driver support for WinSystems' I/O not native in CE and which simplifies the process of getting Platform Builder ready for hardware-specific development. The CE 5.0 Support CD contains sample operating system images built for the target SBC, sample application code, sample driver code, board manuals, Quick Start documentation and other support files. The kit also serves as a primer with tutorials that allows an engineer to build their knowledge of the CE development process.

To further speed the development of software for WinSystems' SBCs, a hardware development platform has been developed called the SDK-4. Its purpose is to reduce clutter and space on the developer's bench by integrating the power supply, disk drives, and cables together in a single hardware platform. The SBC mounts on the top of the box to allow easy access to debug the hardware and software associated with the embedded computer portion of a project.

Pricing and Availability

The price of the Windows CE 5.0 Developers Kit which includes the CE 5.0 support disk, quick start guide, evaluation copy of Microsoft's Platform Builder, SDK4 development platform, memory, and bootable SSD starts at $1395. Run-time licenses for CE 5.0 are available from WinSystems or an authorized Microsoft distributor. For sales information, please list; WinSystems' Application Engineering Group at 715 Stadium Drive, Arlington, Texas 76011, (817) 274-7553, e-mail and Website

About WinSystems

WinSystems' designs and manufactures PC/104, EPIC, EBX, and STD Bus boards for use by OEMs worldwide. We focus on supplying embedded products that will operate over the industrial temperature range of -400 to +850 C and have served the industrial market for 23 years.

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