Single Board Computer supports Intel chipset.

Press Release Summary:

NuPRO-780DV SBC supports embedded 815E chipset, up to 1.26 GHz Pentium III CPUs, auto-select 133/100 MHz front side bus, PCI/ISA high drive bus and on-board MiniPCI socket. Chipset provides embedded AGP video with shared memory and 4 Mbyte accelerated video RAM. SBC is equipped with dual Ethernet interface, 2 IDE UDMA100 interfaces, 2 USB ports, floppy interface, parallel port, 2 serial ports and RS-422/485 with RS-485+ auto-direction flow control.

Original Press Release:

ADLINK's SBC with Intel's New 815E Chipset Supports 1.26GHz P-III, 133MHz FSB, And MiniPCI Socket To Extend Features

Irvine, CA (November 5, 2001) - ADLINK Technology Inc., the leading supplier of open-platfbrm PC based measurement and automation equipment, today introduced the NuPRO-780DV single board computer (SBC) that supports Intel's embedded 815E chipset and up to 1.26GHz Pentium-III CPUs. This innovative SBC is a robust, cutting edge all-in-one computer that supports an auto-select 133/100MHz front side bus (FSB), PCI/ISA high drive bus, and an on-board MiniPCI socket for extending features and easy migration for upgrading. The NuPRO-780DV is designed to deliver the highest of performance processing power desired by today's communication or industrial automation applications and to excel in the most arduous environments and applications.

Extending the NuPRO-780DV's operating life, using Intel's embedded chipsets has many advantages for reducing maintenance cost for many of today's automation systems. The SBC's superior design provides a base support for a variety of CPUs that includes Intel's socket 370 Celeron, Pentium III, and VIA's C3 processor architectures. Unlike many boards using an earlier version of the 815E chipset, this powerful SBC sustains both the current FC-PGA and anticipates the forward-looking FC-PGA2 CPU design. Hand in hand with the exceptional processing power, two
133MHz 168-pin DIMM sockets with up to 512 MB SDRAM memory completes power and speed with memory to handle the most computational demanding applications. Intel 815E chipset provides embedded AGP video with both shared memory and 4MB accelerated video RAM. The NuPRO-780DV is equipped with dual Ethernet interface, one embedded in 815E chipset and another powered by Intel's 82559 chip. A Single Ethemet version for
flexibility is also available with ADLINK's NuPRO-780LV.

In addition to the standard PCI/ISA bus with 64mA high drive interface, the NuPRO-780DV is equipped with one MiniPCI socket, which adds system configuration flexibility for integrators or original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Specified by PCISIG and commonly used in the notebook computer industry, the MiniPCI offers the option of adding peripherals to meet the needs of varied industrial applications such as: a MiniPCI SCSI card that
can be used to add NAS, storage, or server applications; a MiniPCI dual Ethemet card to add 2 additional Ethernet connections; a MiniPCI LCD interface card to make the NuPRO-780DV a powerful brain for a Panel PC. More interface cards, such as a MiniPCI Bluetooth and IEEE802.1 lb, are also available to increase versatility.

Further standard features include two IDE UDMA100 interfaces, two USB ports, a floppy interface, parallel port, two serial ports, and RS-422/485 with RS-485+ auto-direction flow control function. In addition, the NuPRO-780DV has full monitoring functions such as temperature, voltage, fan speed and chassis intrusion. Its full HALT (highly accelerated life test) ensures reliable operation up to 60°C.

Compatible with Windows 9x, XP, NT, and 2000 as well as LINUX and other UNIX packages, the NuPRO-780DV is ideal for any harsh environment including computer telephony, Internet gateways, motion controls, process controls, automation controls, factory automation, medical and many OEM and upgrade applications.

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