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Analog modeling tool Automation Studio v4.0 allows users to create, simulate, and troubleshoot hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical circuit designs. Sortware features component library, drawing and documentation functionalities. Interface system with USB or PCI cards allows communication with, and control of, real testbed. Simulation module provides dynamic simulation of hydraulic and pneumatic behaviors such as flow and pressure calculations.

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Release of Automation Studio 4.0

Famic Technologies 2000 Inc. is proud to announce the release of the latest version of its Automation Studio software package.

Famic Technologies 2000 Inc., a Montreal-based company with a worldwide distribution network, has several years of experience in the fields of technical training, software development, and industrial automation. In fact, since 1996, our Automation Studio software has evolved to the point of becoming one of the best design and simulation tools available on the market.

With the user-friendly drawing and the improved documentation functionalities of Automation Studio 4.0, professionals and students can create, simulate, and troubleshoot even more complex hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical circuit designs. The main library comes with thousands of components from which even more can be created. We have included a new interface system with USB or PCI cards that allow communication with and control of a real testbed. The Simulation module of Automation Studio 4.0 has evolved to a powerful and easy-to-use analog modelling tool. It provides a dynamic and realistic simulation of hydraulic and pneumatic behaviours such as flow and pressure calculation, etc. It also includes a new display window to view various elements such as speed, acceleration, flow, position, etc. The SFC module has been improved to meet the IEC-61131-3 standards. Another addition to Automation Studio 4.0 is the OPC Server module. It allows the users to communicate with and verify the program of every brand of the PCI family that has an OPC server. And much more...

In summary, with all the added and improved features and functionalities, Automation Studio remains the best and most user-friendly tool you can find on the market. Automation Studio 4.0 is the indispensable and affordable design, simulation, and teaching software for schools and industries alike.

Contact one of our technical representatives at (514) 748-8050 to schedule a free on-line presentation of Automation Studio 4.0, or visit our Website at for more information.

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