Simplicity®: Nailing its Place in the Woodworking Industry for 27 years

Rockford, IL - February 6, 2009

Antifricion linear bearing systems are crutial to the production output, accuracy and repeability on todays modern CNC routers and waterjet cutters. The woodworking industry relies on these machines to rapidly mass produce products ranging from door panels to structural framing for cabinets. Also prominent in the woodworking industry is sawdust. Sawdust build-up can cause premature failure in rolling element antifriction linear bearing systems. It finds its way through the best sealing systems and quickly clogs the ball tracks of conventional linear ball bearings. When the ball tracks jam, they start spalling the shafts (groving) they are running along, causing a faster engress of sawdust through the shaft groves eventually resulting in the complete failure of the system.

Designed to last, PBC Linear's Simplicity technology is outfitted with their patented FrelonGold® liner. This works to not only greatly increase load and speed capacities, but allows the bearing to tolerate an incredible amount of different environmental surroundings. Extreme heat and cold, contamination, debris, submersion, and shock vibration do NOT effect the performance of the bearings. For the woodworking industry, the liner helps the bearings to harmelssly absorb woodshaving debris and continue functioning even in high vibration areas such as waterjet cutting or sawing.

These common environmental factors pose several problems in rolling element bearings. Contaminants and debris can become stuck in the bearing cage and cause the system to seize up and fail. Vibration causes the bearings to shift off their track or become dislodged. Both of these outcomes lead to catastrophic failure and unplanned downtime, creating lost profits and increased production time for the manufacturer. Simplicity bearings contain NO moving parts, thus cannot catastrophically fail! Their patent pending, self-lubricating design also requires virtually no need for further lubrication, the end-user merely installs and is instantly supplied with a long-lasting, worry-free product.

Industry interchangeable and available in Standard Inch, Metric, or Japanese Metric sizes, Simplicity ® technology offers a full product line of bearings, flange mounts, pillow blocks, and shafting to a wide variety of industries. For more information on Simplicty products, please call 1.800.729.9085, email to, or visit us at

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