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Simplex Strainer offers many design options.

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Simplex Strainer offers many design options.

May 31, 2002 - Model 90 fabricated simplex basket strainer is customizable to exact application requirements to remove dirt and debris from pipelines. Sizes from 1 to 48 in. and larger are available with ASME Code Stamp. Slant top design facilitates flow through strainer and can be removed by one person. Users can choose from carbon or stainless steel construction; hinged, bolted, or quick opening covers; and ANSI Class 150#, 300#, or 600# flanged connections.

Hayward Industrial Products, Inc. - Elizabeth, NJ

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Easily Customized Simplex Basket Strainer Offered in Wide Range of Sizes

Press release date: May 24, 2002

The Hayward Model 90 fabricated simplex strainer is easily and cost effectively customized to exact application requirements. It removes damage-causing dirt and debris from pipelines and permits engineers and operators to custom design the exact strainer they require to protect their investment in pumps, meters and other system components. Sizes from 1" through 48" and larger are available with ASME Code Stamp, if required.

The Model 90 can be equipped with inlet and outlet connections at right angles to each other. This eliminates the need for an elbow in the downstream piping. Offset inlet and outlet connections, which can help eliminate alignment and support problems in the piping system, can be provided. A horizontal/vertical design with the flow exiting the strainer at a 90° angle can be specified. This often makes it much easier to install the strainer into an existing piping system with few, if any, changes to the system.

Because the Model 90 strainer is custom fabricated, custom features are easily and cost effectively incorporated as opposed to cast strainers where such changes are much more difficult to make. An example is a backwashing/backflushing option to clean the strainer basket. With a cast strainer this would be cost prohibitive, but with the Model 90's fabricated design, this is easy to build into the strainer.

Standard with the Model 90 is a special, unique strainer basket with a slant top design that facilitates the flow through the strainer and results in significantly lower pressure drops than would otherwise be the case. The slant top basket weighs less than an ordinary basket and is easily removed by a single person - a real labor saving feature when it comes time to clean the basket.

Users can choose from either carbon or stainless steel construction, hinged, bolted, or quick opening covers and ANSI Class 150#, 300# or 600# flanged connections.

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