Silicone Sealant can be tinted at jobsite.

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Non-staining, Class 100 Pecora 890FTS can be tinted at jobsite in 3-min mix with Universal Color Pack. Architects and builders can expand their color palette knowing that standard color they select will be available for installation without special orders or delays. With 890FTS, contractors can use leftover base units for their next project regardless of what colors are needed.

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Pecora® Introduces Pecora 890FTS(TM) - The First Advanced Silicone Product That Can Be Tinted at the Jobsite

HARLEYSVILLE, Pa., July 13, 2005 -- In an effort to maximize design flexibility for customers while also reducing their costs, Pecora is introducing an exciting new product - Pecora 890FTS - Field Tintable Silicone. A breakthrough in sealant technology, 890FTS is the industry's first Class 100 non-staining field-tintable silicone - a product that allows enhanced creative opportunities while assuring demonstrated silicone performance.

Because quality silicones traditionally are pre-tinted at the factory, it has never been cost-effective for distributors to stock more than a handful of high-turn silicone sealant colors. As a result, special orders have long been the industry norm for anything apart from these few colors - creating significant delays and costs for the contractor and distributor. With the launch of Pecora 890FTS, the distributor now has the ability to carry an on-hand inventory of 48 standard silicone colors without tying up space or funds. After visiting the distributor, the contractor merely takes the pail of 890FTS to the jobsite and tints it in a three-minute mix with a Pecora Universal Color Pack.

This system revolutionizes the supply chain by offering everyone a considerable competitive advantage in terms of enhanced convenience and availability. "The game has changed," states Robert Carle, Eastern Regional Sales Manager for Pecora. "When the contractor comes in needing product for a job, the distributor now is assured of placing silicone product in the customer's hands immediately - saving everyone time and money. The tired old delays of 'Let me call you when it comes in' don't exist with this product."

Architects, builders, and contractors also benefit greatly from the options afforded by Pecora 890FTS:

- Architects and builders can comfortably expand their color palette knowing that the standard color they select will be available for installation without special orders or delays. When special colors are desired, delivery is quicker as well because only color packs need to be ordered from the factory.

- Contractors save time and money by eliminating the costs associated with ordering too much or too little silicone for a job. With 890FTS, contractors can use any leftover base units for their next project regardless of what colors are needed.

"With 890FTS, I don't have to worry about leftover pails of tinted product at the end of a job," said Sebby Gilberto of Advanced Caulking & Restoration LLC, a caulking contracting company in Hartford, CT. "This product saves us real money - whether we're talking a large or a small job - because I no longer have to guesstimate how many pails of pre-tinted silicone I need anymore. Leftover pails are money wasted - now we get exactly what we need."

Pecora 890FTS is available from authorized waterproofing distributors throughout the United States and is a professional system that must be used in conformity with manufacturer's instructions. For more information, please visit

John Stubblefield
Director of Marketing
Pecora Corporation
Harleysville, PA 19438

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