Silicone Resin Elastomer Gel supports skin care applications.

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Combining skin sensation produced by non-crosslinked silicone polymers with film-forming properties of silicone resins, BELSIL® REG 1100 serves as multifunctional active ingredient for skin-care applications and decorative cosmetic products. Transparent, colorless gel forms soft, water-repellant film that adheres well to skin without becoming sticky. BELSIL® ADM 6102 E, consisting of aqueous macroemulsion of aminofunctional silicone, delivers optimized hair-conditioning properties.

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WACKER Presents New Silicone Resin Elastomer Gel and Novel Silicone Emulsion

Munich – The Munich-based WACKER Group will present a wide range of products for the cosmetics industry at in-cosmetics 2013. One of these, BELSIL® REG 1100, will make its debut at the event. The new silicone resin elastomer gel produces long-lasting effects in cosmetic products and leaves the skin feeling exceptionally pleasant and silky soft. BELSIL® ADM 6102 E, a silicone emulsion and highly effective hairconditioning agent, will also be celebrating its world premiere.

This new emulsion allows manufacturers to formulate products that make hair soft and pleasantly supple. in-cosmetics will be held in Paris from April 16 to 18.

The general theme of WACKER’s booth at in-cosmetics is “Special Effects for Beauty Care”. BELSIL® REG 1100 is a good example. The new silicone resin elastomer gel combines the skin sensation produced by non-crosslinked silicone polymers with the film-forming properties of silicone resins. This combination of properties makes the gel a multifunctional active ingredient for skin-care applications and decorative cosmetic products. In addition to forming a pleasantly soft, water-repellent film that adheres well to the skin without becoming sticky, the gel also imparts a unique texture that leaves the skin feeling extraordinarily soft and silky.

Thanks to its favorable film-forming and adhesion properties, BELSIL® REG 1100 makes cosmetic formulations more water- and transfer-resistant, thus providing long wear benefits. The product helps to make lipsticks more kiss-proof, to prevent makeup from rubbing off on clothing, and to reduce the negative impact that water has on the protective effects of sunscreens. It also makes moisturizers and night creams particularly rich, allowing their nourishing effects and excellent skin-feel properties to last a long time.

A typical gel, BELSIL® REG 1100 consists of a solid and a liquid component. The solid component – a silicone elastomer crosslinked via silicone resin segments – forms a three-dimensional network with large interstitial spaces that accommodate the liquid component, a non-volatile silicone fluid. This transparent, colorless gel is a solid when at rest, but undergoes a reversible conversion to a liquid state in response to shear stress.

Due to the shear-thinning attributes of BELSIL® REG 1100, products formulated with this material are easy to apply and spread readily over the skin. The chemical structure of the resin-crosslinked silicone elastomer used in the gel has been optimized in such a way that the gel leaves the skin feeling particularly pleasant and silky.

BELSIL® ADM 6102 E Provides Excellent Softness in Hair-Care Products

Another focus at WACKER is a new hair-conditioning agent, with the trade name BELSIL® ADM 6102 E. This new product is an aqueous macroemulsion of an aminofunctional silicone. The structure of the resulting silicone active agent has been optimized to deliver excellent hair-conditioning properties; allowing the typical effects of silicone to unfold even at low concentrations. This product adheres well to the surface of the hair, does not crosslink and makes hair easy to comb while providing excellent softness. Even severely damaged hair has a pleasant, silky soft feel after treatment with BELSIL® ADM 6102 E, thus regaining its healthy, natural look.

This slightly acidic, milky white silicone emulsion is suitable for formulating conditioning shampoos, rinse-off conditioners, hair treatments, masks, two-phase pump sprays and as a conditioning additive in hair dyes. BELSIL® ADM 6102 E can generally be used at low concentrations, as the silicone in the formulations is efficiently deposited onto the surface of the hair.

Hair Conditioning with Added Benefits: BELSIL® ADM 6300 E and BELSIL® ADM 8301 E

Two additional highlights at the WACKER booth are hair-conditioning agents that were launched last year – BELSIL® ADM 6300 E and BELSIL® ADM 8301 E. In addition to imparting a natural silky softness to hair and making it easy to comb, each of these silicone emulsions also helps to prevent color loss and to protect hair from heat damage caused by blow dryers, etc.

BELSIL® ADM 6300 E is formulated as a macroemulsion and BELSIL® ADM 8301 E as a microemulsion. The active silicone ingredients in these emulsions form a stable protective film on the surface of the hair. Both emulsions are suitable for use in hair-styling and hair-care products such as rinse-off and leave-on conditioners. As a translucent microemulsion, BELSIL® ADM 8301 E allows manufacturers to formulate transparent products.

Visit WACKER in hall 1, booth H51 at in-cosmetics 2013.

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