Silicone Putty fills gaps in electronic assemblies.

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With thermal conductivity of 3.5 W/mK, Tputty(TM) 506 series is specifically formulated to fill large and uneven gaps in high-wattage electronic assemblies. Soft, single-part, silicone putty does note require any cure, transfers little to no pressure between interfaces, and is non-abrasive. Conformable and reworkable, filler is colored for automatic detection systems and has viscosity that eliminates bleed and pump-out associated with grease.

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Laird Technologies Expands Thermal Gap Filler Product Line with Tputty(TM) 506 Series Silicone Putty

Thermal Gap Filler Specifically Designed for High-Wattage Electronic Applications

St. Louis, Missouri, USA - Laird Technologies, Inc., a global leader in the design and supply of customized performance-critical components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, today announced it has expanded its thermal gap filler product line with the release of its Tputty(TM) 506 series silicone putty.

Specifically designed for high-wattage electronic applications, including automotive components, Tputty(TM) 506 is a soft, single part, silicone putty thermal gap filler in which no cure is required. With a thermal conductivity of 3.5 W/mK, it is ideal for situations involving large gap tolerances and in instances where traditional gap filler pads cannot be applied due to low pressure tolerances of the affected parts.

"Tputty(TM) 506 is a practical thermal gap filler material in that it is dispensed to specifically fill large and uneven gaps in assemblies," said Jane Bell, Laird Technologies Thermal Interface Materials Product Manager. "It is non-abrasive, which leads to less wear on the dispensing equipment."

The silicone putty material transfers little to no pressure between interfaces. Because it is more viscous than grease, bleed and pump-out usually associated with grease is eliminated. Highly conformable and reworkable, Tputty(TM) 506 is colored for automatic detection systems and is available in 75cc, 180cc, 360cc and 600cc cartridges, and also 20kg buckets.

As an industry leader in high-performance and cost-effective Thermal Management Solutions, Laird Technologies provides the knowledge, innovation, and resources to ensure exceptional thermal performance and customer satisfaction for applications in the medical, analytical, telecom, industrial, and consumer markets. For more information, please logon to

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