Silicon Image Introduces Advanced Video Processor, Setting New Performance Standards for HDTVs

Sil 8200 Video Processor Features Dual Video/Image Processing Pipelines and Integrated DVR and MP3 Player Support

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 3 -- Silicon Image, Inc. (NASDAQ:SIMG), a leader in the secure distribution, presentation and storage of high-definition content, today announced the SiI 8200, the first video processor to enable digital audio playback, photo display, and video recording for mass-market televisions. The SiI 8200 includes dual video processing pipelines, a reduced instruction set computer (RISC) processor, an integrated IDE hard-disk controller supporting digital video recorder (DVR) functionality, integrated MP3/AAC decoders for audio playback, and an integrated JPEG decoder for photo display.

The SiI 8200 has a built-in analog video front end for up to 12 channels of standard definition television with an advanced 3D comb filter for excellent video quality. As multiple High-Definition Multimedia Interface(TM) (HDMI(TM)) inputs become the norm for the latest generation of HDTVs, the SiI 8200 directly supports the entire family of industry-leading Silicon Image HDMI receivers.

"Handling all video inputs in the HDTV, the SiI 8200 video processor offers our customers the perfect balance between flexibility and integration to minimize overall system cost in a highly configurable chip architecture," said Steve Eidson, director of product marketing for consumer electronics at Silicon Image. "The SiI 8200 contains advanced features that are still on our competitors' drawing boards, including direct support for DVR functionality and portable audio connectivity, which are huge attractors for consumers."

The SiI 8200 incorporates a host of advanced features, including Silicon Image's dual video processor pipeline, allowing picture-in-picture (PIP) and picture-over-picture (POP) functionality, as well as fully programmable main- and sub-picture location and size. The Sil 8200 includes the ability to process JPEG pictures, MP3, WMA, AAC audio and other multimedia content from USB-enabled devices, as well as an IDE hard disk drive interface for high- definition digital video recorders (DVRs).

The Sil 8200's two 24-bit digital video input ports both support full 1920x1080 progressive (1080p) HDTV resolutions, making it an ideal solution for 26-inch and larger high-definition televisions. The fully integrated advanced video processor handles up to 12 composite, S-Video and component video signals. It supports the most common display devices such as projection engines and CRTs, as well as LCD and plasma display panels. The advanced video processor supports all NTSC, PAL and SECAM television standards, making it possible for consumer electronics manufacturers to develop a single HDTV platform.

Key features of the integrated RISC microprocessor include:
-- 32-bit MIPS RISC instruction set architecture
-- Programmable clock from 600 kilohertz to 166 megahertz
-- 14 kilobyte cache memory

Key features of the video processing pipelines include:
-- Dual processing paths for full support of PIP and POP
-- 3D motion-adaptive de-interlacing for clear reproduction of 480i, 576i, and 1080i video
-- 3D motion-adaptive noise reduction
-- Advanced scaling with moir© cancellation
-- State-of-the-art image processing including DCTI, DLTI, full HSB, and contrast controls

Key features of the integrated storage and mobile player interfaces include:
-- Acceleration for MP3, AAC, WMA, JPEG decoding
-- Integrated IDE HDD controller for DVR functionality
-- Direct connection to flash media for cameras and MP3 players
-- USB 1.1 interface enables direct MP3/iPod playback and photo display from digital cameras

The SiI 8200 comes with a complete set of hardware and software development tools to allow manufacturers to easily implement the SiI 8200 into their designs. Included with the SiI 8200 is a complete functional design that enables a direct connection to an LCD panel or other display.

Pricing and Availability
Packaged as a 388-pin PBGA, the SiI 8200 is priced at $20.00 in 10K quantities. It will be sampling in Q1 2006, with volume production scheduled for Q3 2006.

About Silicon Image, Inc.
Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., Silicon Image, Inc. is a leader in the secure distribution, presentation and storage of high-definition content. Silicon Image creates and drives industry standards for digital content delivery such as DVI, HDMI and SATA, leveraging strategic partnerships with global leaders in consumer electronics and personal computing. Silicon Image offers robust, high-bandwidth semiconductors in the global PC/display, consumer electronics and storage arenas based on its innovative digital interconnect technology and has become one of the top ten IP licensing vendors in the world. For more information on Silicon Image, visit

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