Signature Client allows users to authenticate their identity.

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Enabling mobile phone users to approve and digitally sign content, Valimo Mobile Authentication Client permits mobile network operators to offer advanced Wireless PKI services. It can be deployed as standard SIM card profile element, and works with server side systems compliant with ETSI standard for Mobile Signature Services. Features include see-what-you-sign module, ability to sign large documents, and local PIN and PUK management for signing application.

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Valimo Introduces Dedicated Mobile Signature Client for SIM Cards

HELSINKI, Finland, January 24/- Valimo Wireless has achieved what the telecom industry has been looking for: a generic, easy-to-use, secure and feature-rich mobile signature client. With this client application, located on a SIM card, mobile phone users can authenticate their identity, as well as approve and digitally sign content.

"The Valimo Mobile Authentication Client (VMAC) enables mobile network operators to offer advanced Wireless PKI services with greater functionality," comments Petteri Heinonen, Director of Product Management at Valimo.

The VMAC adds significant value for mobile network operators and SIM vendors because it:

o Is specifically designed for mobile signatures and strong mobile authentication
o Uses state-of-the-art security features, which are already accepted by the industry
o Deploys quickly and easily as a standard SIM card profile element from SIM vendors
o Works with server side systems compliant with the ETSI standard for Mobile Signature Services (MSS)

The VMAC and Valimo's other mobile signature applications have been fine-tuned through extensive feedback from Valimo customers and mobile network operators.

Key VMAC features include:

o 'See-what-you-sign' module
o Capability to sign large documents
o Local PIN and PUK management for the signing application
o Support for multiple hash algorithms, as well as different digital key sizes and multiple key pairs
o On-board digital key generation
o Encrypted communications between the SIM card and the destination system (i.e. Acquiring MSS-system)

Since the VMAC is SIM, OTA- and mobile signature system- vendor independent, mobile network operators can now acquire mobile signature-enabled SIM cards from a variety of sources.

About Valimo

Helsinki-based Valimo Wireless delivers identity management and strong authentication software solutions to mobile operators, corporate customers and financial institutions.

Valimo's solutions are used by more than 40 European and Middle Eastern customers to date, assuring non-repudiation, high data security and high availability for most network infrastructures and end-user devices.

Valimo is growing strongly with offices in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Spain.

For more information, please visit, or our stand at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona 12-15 February 2007.

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