Signal Conditioning Module adds TEDS support.

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Model WBK18(TM) offers 8 channels of dynamic signal input for WaveBook(TM) systems. It provides all signal conditioning and biasing required to accept accelerometers, sensors, microphones, or other dynamic input source. All channels are sampled simultaneously to insure phase matching between channels. Up to 8 units can be attached to one WaveBook for total ICP® sensor capacity of 64 channels. WBK18 contains ICP® fault detection with front panel LED indicator.

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New Dynamic Input Signal Conditioning Module for the WaveBook

8-channel system adds TEDS support for WaveBook products

CLEVELAND, January 2003 - IOtech, Inc. has announced the addition of its newest signal conditioning product, the WBK18(TM), providing 8 channels of dynamic signal input for its popular
WaveBook(TM) systems. The WBK18 provides all of the signal conditioning and biasing required for the system to accept piezoelectric accelerometers, piezoelectric pressure sensors, piezoelectric microphones, proximity sensors, or any other dynamic input source. The WBK18 is also capable of communicating with TEDS-compatible sensors, which contain their calibration information stored within the sensor.

Whether using single or multiple WBK18 units, all channels are sampled simultaneously to insure phase matching between channels. Up to 8 WBK18s can be attached to one WaveBook for a total ICP® sensor capacity of 64 channels. Beyond that, up to 4 WaveBooks can be daisy-chained to accommodate up to 256 dynamic signal inputs. WaveBook/WBK18 systems can be powered by an included AC power adapter or directly from any 10 to 30 VDC source, such as a car battery.

ICP® Fault Detection
The WBK18 contains ICP® fault detection with a front panel LED indicator for each channel. This hardware detection monitors for an open as well as a shorted transducer connection. Because it is
continuously monitored during an acquisition, even intermittent faults are detected and latched. Detection of this error condition does not alter the acquisition process or its data. This feature is necessary to guarantee measurement integrity in many test applications, to insure that the acquired data was
taken from sensors that were operating properly.

All of the features of the WBK18 are supported with several levels of software supplied with the unit. For non-programming, Out-of-the-Box(TM) applications, our WaveView(TM) software support makes using the WBK18 as easy as entering parameters in a spreadsheet. Also included with the WBK18 is a full suite of programming environment support, including LabVIEW®, Visual Basic®, C++, DASYLab®, and more. Finally, the WBK18 is supported by eZ-Analyst(TM), IOtech's optional waveform analysis application that converts the WaveBook/WBK18 into a full-featured vibration analysis instrument.

TEDS Support
TEDS, short for Transducer Electronic Data Sheet, is a sensor feature referring to the storage of calibration information within the sensor. The WBK18 can read calibration information from TEDS-compatible sensors and automatically scale the readings from each sensor using the acquired calibration information. TEDS support is a software option and can be easily added after the initial purchase.

Pricing and Availability
The WBK18 and TEDS support will be available mid-February 2003.

Product Description                                  U.S. Price
WBK18 8-Channel Dynamic Signal Conditioning Module $4699
TEDS Transducer Electronic Data Sheet $500

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