Signal Conditioner monitors temperature in transformers.

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Designed for direct and hot spot monitoring in small and medium generation, transmission, and distribution transformers, multi-channel Nortech TT is intended for Energy Utilities concerned about safety and operation of high voltage equipment. Equipped with RS-232 and RS-485 ports, fiber optic unit offers MODBUS communications for integration with existing substation platforms. It is available with or without display, and offers 0-1 or 4-20 mA analog output.

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FISO Technologies Introduces A Cost-Effective Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring System Dedicated To Lower Rating Transformers Sensors

The new Nortech TT offers a simplified and cost-effective solution designed for hot spot monitoring of Generation, Transmission and Distribution transformers. The Nortech TT is specifically designed to meet the needs of direct and real time hot spot temperature monitoring for small and medium transformers.

QUEBEC, QC - December 8th, 2005 - FISO Technologies, a subsidiary of Roctest Ltd (TSX:RTT) and a leading manufacturer of high-quality fiber optic sensors and measurement systems for challenging applications, introduces the Nortech TT. This new signal conditioner, designed for direct and real time measurement of hot spot monitoring in lower rating transformers, is intended for Energy Utilities concerned about safety and reliable operation of their high voltage equipment. This product joins the reputable Nortech Sentinel solution, offered for the past 5 years, dedicated to the large power transformers.

The Nortech TT fiber optic signal conditioner is compatible with FISO's fiber optic temperature sensors, offered and installed worldwide for transformer temperature monitoring. FISO Technologies' Nortech TT represents a significant development and cost reduction effort to meet the electric industry's ever-growing requirements in terms of monitoring. FISO multi-point hot spot temperature measurement monitoring system's distinctive design proposes a reliable solution in applications that are hostile to traditional sensors.

The multi-channel Nortech TT is available with or without display. Equipped with RS-232 and RS-485 ports, the Nortech TT offers MODBUS (ASCII, RTU) communication designed for easy integration to existing substation platforms. The use of this communication protocol allows simple and customizable data acquisition integration according to your specific needs. The signal conditioner also offers two possible configurations for the analog output, 0-1mA or 4-20mA. All operational parameters are easily programmable using the RS-232 port and FISO's Windows(TM) based software.

According to Francois Pelletier, Vice-President Sales & Marketing at FISO Technologies "This product will help reach customers who previously could not benefit from a reliable, cost effective and proven technology such as the Nortech TT temperature monitoring system. Hot spot monitoring is now affordable for smaller rating transformers."

"The Nortech TT responds to the needs of direct and accurate temperature measurement associated to monitoring and maintenance of small and medium transformers. Utilities targeted by this product, now have access to a reliable and cost effective fiber optic hot spot temperature monitoring system entirely dedicated to their needs ranging from transformer design and validation, safe loading and/or overloading which consequently has an impact on operation and maintenance costs" adds Sharon Walsh, Product Line Manager at FISO.

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