Signal and Power Connectors use overmolding for strain relief.

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Designed to eliminate mismating, fully polarized Microfit Connectors have isolated contacts that prevent terminal damage as well as full locking latch to prevent disconnections. Typical applications include PCs, printers, and mainframes. Slightly larger in size, Minifit Jr. and Sr. offer higher amperage and current capacities and are suited for appliances, telecom, and medical industries. When used with cable or wire harness, overmolding provides added structure and seal in terminals.

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Overmold Solutions for Signal and Power Connectors

Within the power connector family are Microfits, Minifits, Amp Duac's, Sabre and Mate-N- Locks. Each line offers a unique capability in regards to amperage and current capacity. Microfits are a fully polarized connector designed to prevent mismating. The connectors have isolated contacts that are designed to prevent terminal damage as well as full locking latch to prevent disconnections. Microfits are commonly seen on items such as PC's, printers, and mainframes. In addition to the Microfits are the Minifit Jr and Sr. These connectors are slightly larger in size and offer higher amperage and current capacities. Minifits are commonly seen in the appliance, telecomm and medical industries. These connectors are cost effective and functional for many applications but lack structure and durability when connectorized to a cable or wire harness. The solution to this is overmolding the connector; this will give the connector added structure and seal in the terminals with a durable resin. Overmolding of these connectors also integrates a strain relief which provides added flexibility to the area in which the connector and cable have the most stress. A company specializing in such overmold solutions is ISC Engineering. ISC has a user friendly website that provides multiple overmold solutions for power and signal connectors in three standard exit styles 45, 90 and 180 degrees. The website ( allows users to view a 3-D model of what the overmold will look like as well as provide any engineering support that might be needed. In addition ISC offers a cost effective solution with slip on "boots" that are a discrete part that slip over the cable assembly and connector. ISC can also customize a mold specific to your needs with their in-house tooling department. ISC's modular tooling provides maximum flexibility in interchangeable sections, providing a lower cost approach to tooling. Click here for further information.... To speak directly with an engineer contact

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