Sigma Series G5S Modular Mounter features self-loading ‘splice-less’ SL feeders.

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Equipped with overdrive system and multi-function head for performing lead-clinching and tamping, Sigma Series G5S Modular Mounter delivers dual-side component supply with up to 120 unique 8 mm tapes. Capable of handling PCB’s up to 1200 mm long, unit’s overdrive functionality enables both heads to assemble PCBs simultaneously without any waiting time.

Original Press Release:

YAMAHA Sigma Series G5S Modular Mounter with Overdrive: High-speed, Flexible, Dual-head Solution

YAMAHA’s new Sigma Series G5S Modular Mounter delivers high-speed, flexible placement using a two-head mounting solution driven by YAMAHA’s patented Overdrive Control functionality. Self-loading ‘splice-less’ SL feeders eliminate production interruptions, and quick-change feeder bases and tray units deliver seamless productivity. Yamaha’s Sigma G5S excels in speed, capacity, accuracy, and virtually non-stop efficiency.

Featuring the fastest, most flexible Rotary head in the industry, and equipped with a Multi-function head that performs lead-clinching and tamping, the fast, flexible Sigma Series G5S is a true performer that’s perfect for High-Mix assembly environments, offering a dual-side component supply with up to 120 unique 8mm tapes, and the ability to handle PCBs up to 1200mm (47”) long.

The Sigma G5S is equipped with YAMAHA’s unique patented Overdrive System that enables the heads to assemble PCBs simultaneously with no wait time. Overdrive functionality enables both placement heads to pick from each other’s component supply, on either side of the machine, and place on the same board simultaneously and without restriction. Overdrive functionality enables the user to adapt to varying production requirements without reconfiguring the line.

The Sigma G5S’ better ‘Family Setup’ approach slashes changeover time by more than 90%, and Feedback communications with YAMAHA’s YSI-V AOI bring greater efficiency and optimization to the SMT/PCB assembly process.

YAMAHA’s SMT surface mounters boast the world’s fastest mounting speeds as well as compatibility with a wide range of electronic components and printed circuit boards (PCBs). Additional PCB assembly equipment, including solder paste printers, dispensers, and inspection systems are also available, making Yamaha a leading supplier of a full lineup of equipment for surface mount assembly technology. In North America, these products are available through Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA in partnership with their North and South American Distribution Network.

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