Sight Glass Loaders facilitate material changes.

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Pulsomax series, which includes models C1E, C1K, and D1K, provides means of loading small quantities of materials directly into process equipment. Available with electric and pneumatic options, series incorporates site glass for viewing of material status. Unit is mounted directly at throat of machine and offers throughput of 650 lb/hr. Series includes Polymax plastic dust filter and control box with illuminated power switch and operation light with alarm function.

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Colormax Offers Pulsomax Series Sight Glass Loaders

TELFORD, UK - (August 6, 2004) - Colormax Limited, a leading manufacturer of innovative auxiliary equipment designed for handling raw materials in the plastics industry, offers plastics processors the Pulsomax series (C1E, C1K, D1K) as a cost effective means of loading small quantities of materials directly into process equipment. Both electric and pneumatic options are available.

The Pulsomax series incorporate a site glass for easy viewing of material status. The unit is mounted directly at the throat of the machine, minimizing the amount of stored product and allowing fast material changes. All Pulsomax loaders include a Polymax rigid plastic dust filter which can be quickly removed for cleaning with an airline or water jet. An optional neodymium magnet rod can be locked into a hole in the discharge cone or body and when removed, a PVC sheath can be slid off for instant discharge of tramp ferrous metal. The control box has an illuminated power switch and operation light with alarm function.

Pulsomax series loaders are supplied complete with a pick-up wand, 3m/10ft of flexible pipe, blank base flange, and are pre-wired ready for use. The C1E is throat mounted for easy access, requires no compressed air and allows non-stop material change. It is designed with a visual flow check feature and a level sensor controller. The C1K is an air powered loader designed with a Venturi pick-up and adjustable level sensor. There are no moving parts on this unit which also features a visual flow check. The D1K offers 2 inlet assemblies and 2 Venturi pick-ups.
The twin variable flow valves allow the unit to convey and blend two materials, typically virgin and re-grind. Because both materials are controlled independently they flow continuously, avoiding layering and any additional ratio valves.

With a high throughput of 650 lbs/hr (300 kg/hr) for virgin material and a low decibel rating reducing factory noise, the units are perfect for loading small to medium sized presses or for addition of colour additives on all sizes of machine. The Pulsomax is easily adapted to act as a refill device for an additive feeder to avoid the need for manual refilling, freeing up operators and avoiding material spillage. In it's D1K ratio version, the Pulsomax is perfect for adding small amounts of rework back into the process together with virgin material.

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Colormax designs and manufactures innovative auxiliary equipment and automated systems for handling raw materials such as pellets, regrind, and powders. Colormax's product line includes additive feeders, conditioning equipment for gravimetric and volumetric blending, drying equipment, central receivers, in addition to, pneumatic, electric, sight glass, and filterless hopper loaders. Colormax offers full design, installation and commissioning services for central conveying and blending systems. Designed with simplicity, and manufactured for reliability, Colormax creates material handling solutions that save time and money. To learn more about Colormax and its full product line, visit

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