SIFAM Introduces New High Power and Polarisation Components and Launches Extended Photonic Packaging Services

Torquay, UK - January 22, 2007- SIFAM Fibre Optics Ltd announced the launch of a wide range of new fibre optic products and services at the Photonics West exhibition held in San Jose from Tuesday 23rd January 2007. These include:-

Enhanced Polarisation Maintaining (PM) Fused Fibre Components- SIFAM has developed a unique technology that has enabled the launch of PM fibre splitters and couplers with 50% wider operating bandwidth and enhanced stability. Stability and broad operating wavelength range are key to enabling applications such as instrumentation, channel monitoring, polarisation maintaining optical amplifiers and quantum cryptography. This new technology has also been successfully applied to a new range of visible red, green and blue (RGB) PM combiners and splitters for applications in microscopy and laser displays. Using this all fibre approach these components provide higher performance and a cost effective alternative to bulk optic solutions.

High Power Fused Components- For use in the latest generation of fibre lasers and high power fibre amplifiers, SIFAM have announced an extensive new range of state-of-the-art high power combiners. Capable of combing the power from up to 19 fibre coupled laser diodes into a single output fibre these devices are a critical component in any high power fibre laser used in industrial marking and industrial and medical machining. Customers are applying these components to achieve combined optical output powers of over 100 Watts cw and 100's kW pulsed.

High power combiners are now available 6+1x1 configurations with single mode (SM) and polarisation maintaining (PM) feed-throughs. Unusually, combiners with large mode area (LMA) central fibre feed-throughs are also available giving improved optical brightness. Larger diameter multimode 220um input and 400um output fibres are now available in most combiner configurations enabling further increases in fibre laser and amplifier output powers. Using the same technology platform, 1+1x1 configuration solutions have been launched for more efficient use in systems targeted at lower power applications, such as printing.

Long term high power durability has been verified to 50,000 device hours, and is ensured through the use of a housing designed for optimum heat dissipation, enabling the reliability demanded by industrial applications. These devices can now also handle sufficient power to enable direct diode combination to be used for metal cutting and welding applications, significantly reducing system complexity and cost.

Photonic Packaging - SIFAM have developed a variety of custom fibre coupled laser diode sources and fibre optic receivers. Strong customer interest has been shown in high power red laser diode products packaged with multimode (MM), single mode (SM) or polarisation maintaining (PM) fibre pigtails for dental photo-activated disinfection (PAD), photo-dynamic therapy (PDT) and industrial laser alignment applications. In addition, SIFAM have developed considerable new expertise in the custom packaging of green and blue laser diodes. For near infrared wavelengths there are also new laser and pin detector diodes in an industry standard ST receptacle package that are now being offered as a standard product.

"We are proud to have developed, and be able to supply in volume, such an extensive range of new products and integration services", explains Paul Ellis SIFAM Fibre Optics CEO. "These products are enabling a diverse range of applications including secure communications, biomedical research and precision machining. They have been developed as a result of close customer collaboration, and we continue to pioneer new solutions in response to customer demand and play a key role in replacing incumbent technologies"

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For over 20 years, SIFAM has been renowned for the design and manufacture of the world's leading fused fibre components. Today, SIFAM offers expertise in both passive and active photonic technologies and supplies a large proportion of customers with fully integrated electro-optic solutions.

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