Siemens Water Technologies Introduces the Centra(TM) High Flow Laboratory

Warrendale, PA., July 26, 2006 -- The Water Technologies division of Siemens Group Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S) has introduced the award winning Centra(TM) High Flow (HFR) Packaged Central laboratory water systems. These systems are designed for customers who require an off-the-shelf, simple-to-use central system that can supply 10 gallons per minute (38 liters per minute) of pure water to a distribution loop or multiple points of use.

The Centra HFR systems offer integrated technology in one cabinet, eliminating the need for laboratory personnel to purchase each component separately from multiple manufacturers and incorporate them into the distribution loop. The systems include a recirculation pump, storage tank, reverse osmosis (RO), an ultraviolet (UV) photo oxidation unit for enhanced bacterial control, a 0.2-micron filter to maintain water quality in the distribution loop, and a feed to and from an optional deionization (DI) cylinder. The system is modular, with quick-connect pipe work, allowing for flexibility in equipment layout on the laboratory room floor.

The HFR joins an already impressive line of five standard-flow-rate Centra system models that include the Centra-MDS and LDS centralized distribution systems and the Centra-S 200 and Centra-R 200 centralized purification and distribution systems.

"With the addition of the Centra HFR to the line-up, we are able to offer our customers even greater flexibility in designing their centralized laboratory water system," says Cheryl Gaynor, marketing manager, laboratory products division. "Our four high-flow models can be customized to the client's water purity requirements, distribution loop design, feed water, and laboratory applications, allowing us to provide the best solution for their specific water needs."

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