Siemens Unveils New Drinking Water UV Disinfection System for Mid- to Large-Sized Community Drinking Water Systems

Warrendale, PA., July 20, 2006 - The Water Technologies division of Siemens' Industrial Solutions and Services (I&S) Group has introduced a higher capacity model to its line of Barrier® M UV disinfection systems for potable water applications: the Barrier M Model 3800. This UV model can handle flowrates up to 7.3 mgd (5,063 gpm) at a transmittance level of 98%.

The Barrier M 3800 UV system provides a cost-effective, reliable and operator-friendly solution to medium- and large-sized community drinking water systems. Adding the Barrier M UV system to other disinfection processes provides a multi-barrier approach, and ensures complete inactivation of all waterborne pathogens. The Model 3800's compact reaction chamber enables easy, flexible installation, especially in retrofit situations where space is limited.

DVGW-certified to provide a minimum Reduction Equivalent Dose of 40mJ/cm², the 3800 model will be granted a 3-log inactivation credit for Cryptosporidium and Giardia by the EPA's UV Disinfection Guidance Manual.

The Barrier M Model 3800 UV disinfection system is part of the Wallace & Tiernan product line from Siemens Water Technologies.

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