Siemens to Present Water and Wastewater Treatment Portfolio at the Ifat Entsorga 2012

Nuremberg/Munich, Germany. The Siemens presentation at this year's Ifat Entsorga will be centered on reliable, energy-efficient solutions to enhance the productivity of water and wastewater treatment. At booth 325/526 in Hall A1, Siemens will be demonstrating ways in which public authorities and industry can drive down the operating costs of its water and wastewater treatment systems while enhancing plant performance.

Siemens will be demonstrating to visitors at this year's Ifat Entsorga how private enterprise and public authorities alike can reduce their operating costs for water and wastewater treatment using energy-efficient solutions. The technology company's booth will feature products taken from various fields of application: membrane filtration, disinfection, wastewater clarification, sewage sludge treatment, integrated automation and controls as well as the measurement, control and regulation of water flows. With these solutions, Siemens will be demonstrating how it combines its comprehensive expertise around the treatment of water and wastewater with its automation and control technology knowhow to create energy- efficient components and intelligent control systems capable not only of driving down costs but also enhancing productivity. Siemens product innovations to be unveiled at the show include for instance the Vantage M83 reverse osmosis unit.

On offer with three different equipment variations, this system was developed to address a wide range of industrial applications - such as the food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as microelectronics and solar technology - to produce water complying to specific quality requirements.

Another new feature to be showcased by Siemens at the Ifat Entsorga will be the Osec B-Pak hypochlorite electrolyzer. This system uses water and salt to produce low-concentration sodium hypochlorite solution which is used for disinfecting drinking, process and pool water. The sturdy electrolysis cell and automated plant control ensure a high level of operating reliability.

Members of the press can access additional information on Siemens topics and products featured at the Ifat Entsorga 2012 from the website at For visitors and anyone interested to find out more about the Siemens offering at the Ifat Entsorga 2012, additional information is available on the website at

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