Siemens Steam Turbine Manufacturing Plant Welcomes BS-Energy Board Members

Siemens Energy has received an order from Braunschweig for the supply of the main components for a combined-cycle disctrict heating power plant. The steam turbine is to be installed in a combined heat and power plant that is characterized by maximum efficiency. This is the most climatically acceptable solution for supplying a city with electricity and district heating.

In addition to one SST-400 steam turbine, Siemens will also supply one SGT-800 gas turbine, a three-phase generator as well as the complete electrical and I&C systems. Furthermore, Siemens will perform installation, commissioning and monitoring of trial operation. A combined-cycle plant is currently being built in Braunschweig that will expand the central district heating power plant. As of 2011, the new plant is to produce electricity and heat continuously. The plant will achieve an electric power output of 76.5 megawatts (MW) and a maximum thermal output of 67 MW.

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