Siemens Offers Comprehensive Odour Control Packages in UK

Warrendale, Pa., August 28, 2006 -- The Water Technologies division of the Siemens Group Industrial Solutions and Services Group (I&S), offers a complete line of odour control solutions. The long-time provider of Wallace & Tiernan® liquid-phase odour control solutions also provides a selection of wet, biological and carbon scrubbing systems for vapour-phase treatment of septic sewage.

The vapour-phase odour control portfolio includes such brands as the LO/PRO® odour control scrubbing system, Zabocs(TM) advanced multi-media system and RJC series modular carbon absorber.

Whilst the three systems vary in design, they do share certain common features. Each can be customised to suit the specific customer's needs and application with removal of at least 99% hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Glass-reinforced plastic construction is used for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. The RJC absorber also comes with a polypropylene option.

Numerous models are available, with air flow capacity ranging from 47.2 litres/sec (RJC absorber) to 11,564 litres/sec (LO/PRO scrubber). The units provide a small footprint and more efficient chemical utilisation, as well as reduced installation and maintenance costs. Factory-assembled and tested prior to shipment, the units offer a guaranteed performance.

The Wallace & Tiernan liquid-phase odour control solutions include prefabricated ChemCare chemical dosing packages, capable of delivering 2,000 to 30,000 litres of septicity control chemicals, together with the ChemSept septicity process controllers, which allow customers easy access to control the odour treatment process. Users are also able to remotely monitor the chemical dosing diagnostics by linking to the systems through the ChemWeb-Server.

Treatment solutions include potassium permanganate dissolving systems for safe handling and preparation prior to dosing using various models of Encore and ChemTube chemical diaphragm dosing pumps. Siemens can also provide gas monitoring system sensing equipment to indicate H2S levels in the air.

Siemens Water Technologies has a broad range of chemical feed and disinfection technologies ranging from municipal drinking water disinfection to swimming pool chlorination to industrial chemical feed applications. Many municipalities and industries around the globe use the Wallace & Tiernan, Stranco, and Electrocatalytic brands because their products reflect the quality design and service that can only be achieved from many years of manufacturing, installation, and service as a total solutions provider.

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