Shut It Gate Hardware On Re-inventing the Wheel and Manufacturing Hard Core Products

TUCSON, Ariz. - SHUT IT ® Gate Hardware started as Counsel Industries, LLC and became a leader in the design and distribution of hardware and gate systems for the fence and access control industries. 

Founded in 1998, Counsel began marketing innovative gate solutions designed to ease installation requirements and eliminate premature wear on expensive automated gate operator systems.

In the mid-1990s, vehicular access control began to explode as an industry. Two veterans of the fence and access control industries, one of whom was Steve Bengtson, discovered that many of their maintenance and repair issues for automated gate systems were being caused by the faulty or inferior hardware used on many gates. With the help of a team of engineers and an award winning CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) machinist they set out to develop a line of products that would eliminate the damage caused to expensive operator systems by the poor hardware available in the market.

"It all started with the ORIGINAL BadAss® Hinge." says Skip Bengtson, Chief Smart Ass, Shut It, and the son of Steve Bengtson. "Using sealed bearing technology, the ORIGINAL BadAss gate hinge, is CNC machined to the tightest tolerances in the industry. Due to our unique bushing design The ORIGINAL, like all other SHUT IT gate hinges, produces near frictionless movement with maintenance free usage. No grease or lubricant required!"

After years of development and field testing the Arizona based Counsel Industries was born. Since then, Counsel grew from being a local supplier in the Tucson market to a company with a nationwide distribution network and customers around the globe. Skip, who grew up in the fence and gate industry has since developed many new hinges and gate systems to compliment the ORIGINAL BadAss® Hinge.

In 2010 the company rebranded itself as SHUT IT Gate Hardware in order to better reflect what the company had become. The BadAss and HardCore brands were born.

"We once asked a customer what they thought about the SHUT IT line of gate hinges, and they replied with a simple 'they are BadAss,'" says Bengtson. "We liked that description so much we started referring to our hinges as BadAss hinges, and when the time came to rename the line, BadAss just felt right as they're smart, strong, durable, and can easily handle all the tough elements they have to face in the field."

Today SHUT IT continues to provide its customers with the best products and services the industry knows. 

SHUT IT product lines include:

BadAss Hinges: Due to SHUT IT's unique bushing design, all SHUT IT gate hinges, produce near frictionless movement with maintenance free usage.  

HardCore Wheels: In addition to the same bushing design as its hinges, SHUT IT uses the hardest steels in the Fence and Access Control Industries. Hard steel is used rather than hardening the wheel after it is machined. The result, a stronger gate wheel that is literally "Hard to the CORE." The HardCore wheels, which significantly outlast traditional wheels, are complimented by a superior Guide Roller and wheel installation system which also allows adjustability during and after installation.

Sealed bearing (maintenance free) and large load capacity make the SHUT IT difference.

About Shut It:

Founded in 1998, SHUT IT® Gate Hardware is the undisputed leader in gate hardware for the fence, ornamental iron and access control industries. For nearly 20 years SHUT IT® has developed innovative, high quality products, as well as providing industry leading service. All BadAss® and HardCORE® products are designed and assembled in the U.S.A. under rigorous quality control processes.


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