Should You Be Worried About Power Company Fines?

CAS DataLoggers Provides Your Power Factoring Solution

CHESTERLAND OH — Power companies frequently conduct random audits to detect if customers' power supplies are in a reactive state, which can destroy supply wiring and transformers and also puts a balanced load on the 3-phase incoming power. This often occurs when several machines power on at once, or when poorly-wound machines are operating. When businesses and organizations are found to be in violation, large reactive power fines (penalties of $50,000 are not unheard of) are the result. Many businesses often don’t know they're actually at risk of these fines, so now CAS DataLoggers and Electrocorder have your low-cost solution with our 3-Phase Voltage and Current Data Logger Kit. Now you can see whenever your incoming electric service is in a reactive state and determine whether or not you need to install a power factor correction device to pass an audit.

Keeping your power within the allowed limits means carefully controlling voltage levels and power flows. The new data logger kit monitors power (kW) and energy (kWh) usage, also logging voltage and current variations to help you diagnose issues with electrical equipment and collect data to make accurate representations to your power supplier. Looking at the data, you can view onsite power consumption given in kilowatt hours to find voltage supply faults while also identifying possible savings through voltage optimization. In addition, the kit also identifies problem issues such as when you’re drawing dirty power.

This all-in-one kit includes the power logger, voltage leads, Rogowski Coils, a USB lead, free configuration & analysis software, and a carrying case. The Rogowski Coils fit around 140mm diameter cables and break open at the black joint, allowing them to be placed around the cables without having to break the main circuit. The Electrocorder kit is available in several models recording at different amperage ranges from 4A to 3kA (90kVA-690kVA per phase to 270kVA-2MVA total).

All Electrocorder data loggers use a constant data sampling technique to samples each cycle multiple times, enabling truly detailed power factoring. Unlike the 'snapshot' that other brands take before going to sleep, our kits provide up to 300 days of continuous recording. When only a single phase voltage supply is accessible, you can use the power datalogger to monitor and record 3 phase energy using 3 current inputs and a single phase voltage input instead of the normal 3 voltage inputs.

The kit also includes FREE Electrosoft software which lets you define the voltage so you can plot power/energy and then upload the data via USB to a PC for analysis. Power factor is recorded for the voltage channel L1 and the current channel A1; this is then used to calculate the real (Watts), reactive (VARs) and apparent (VA) power for all 3 phases using the Electrosoft software. Power factor measurement also allows you to determine if you need power factor correction onsite.

For more information on our Electrocorder 3-phase voltage, current and power factor datalogger kit, additional data loggers which measure many other values, or to find the best solution for any application-specific need, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at  

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