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OptiManage 7 Web-native real-time transportation management system is based on application service provider (ASP). Product can also be delivered via remote host or as traditional licensed software. Optimized for multi-modal transportation, it integrates transportation planning and execution, monitors critical metrics and events, makes real-time adjustments to routing guide, and provides intelligent freight monitoring and SKU-level EDI.

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Robust Optimization Tools and an Advanced Communication Platform Combine to Offer Industry's Most Advanced Transportation Management System

BURLINGTON, Mass. (February 5, 2002) - Inc., the leader in logistics planning and execution solutions for shippers and carriers, today announced the launch of OptiManage 7, a Web-native, real-time transportation management system built from the ground up to provide customers with value in four to 12 weeks. Application service provider (ASP) delivery eliminates capital expense while speeding implementation and return on investment, although the product can also be delivered via remote host or as traditional licensed software.

Optimized for multi-modal transportation, current users of OptiManage 7 include Fortune 500 customers Airborne Express, Carrier Corp. and PPG Industries.

"'s implementation was on time and on budget," said James Carr, manager of the corporate transportation center for PPG. "We have received excellent value from the system already, and we are confident in's abilities to meet our needs as they grow in the future."

Currently, many shippers lose millions of dollars through the inability to execute upon the strategic routing guide developed during the transportation procurement process. OptiManage 7 is the only TMS to fully integrate transportation planning and execution. Beyond simply following a fixed routing guide, OptiManage 7 dynamically monitors critical metrics and events, making real-time adjustments to the routing guide that protect service and savings.'s Logistics Event Management Architecture (LEMA), an open, standards-based and user-driven architecture that provides a more seamless flow of information among supply chain partners and community members, facilitates this integration and enhances OptiManage 7's reliability, scalability and security.

" has bridged the gap between transportation planning and execution, thereby allowing customers to continuously fine tune their operations and realize greater cost savings relative to stand-alone solutions. Dynamically modifying the routing guide based on real-time metrics is just one example of how the company is leveraging its integrated capabilities to maximize value," said Adrian Gonzalez, senior analyst, supply chain & logistics, ARC Advisory Group. " certainly understands the needs of transportation professionals and continues to drive innovation in the TMS space."

OptiManage 7 also offers strategic supply chain visibility features such as intelligent freight monitoring, SKU-level Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Web-based track and trace. OptiManage 7's reconciliation features close the loop on the transportation process by offering reporting capabilities and advanced freight audit and payment methods like automated payment. "OptiManage 7 is the culmination of our largest research and development effort ever, which we tied closely to feedback from our customers," said Pervinder Johar, senior vice president of products for "We are confident that this product, coupled with our OptiBid suite that has procured over $7 billion in transportation to date, will solidify's leadership position in the transportation planning and execution market."

OptiManage 7 manages "exceptions" with automated actions that ensure continuous workflow that is uninterrupted by human intervention. "Calling these events 'exceptions' is a misnomer," explained Johar. "Every day shipments will be rejected by carriers, order destinations will change and orders will be cancelled. Rather than treat these as out-of-the-ordinary crises that require manual intervention, OptiManage automatically handles them as normal events through business logic rules." This means that if an order's destination changes, for example, the system can automatically reconsolidate the shipment that includes the order, recall the shipment from the carrier if it had already been tendered and re-select the best carrier, or simply notify the carrier of the new destination. This capability facilitates significant hard dollar savings by saving the shipper from paying premium rates to a contingency carrier when exceptions occur.

Unlike competitive offerings, OptiManage 7 easily configures to existing business workflow rules, meaning the system adapts to the shipper rather than vice versa.

The system delivers a comprehensive feature set, including:

* Order Management

* Shipment Management

* Load Consolidation Optimization (Inbound and Outbound)

* Mode Selection Optimization

* Continuous Move Optimization

* Carrier Selection Optimization (with contract and dynamic pricing)

* Carrier Tendering (including Autofax, EDI, Web, and tXML)

* Tracking and Tracing

* Intelligent Alerting and Proactive Recommendations

* Reporting

* Freight Payment and Auditing

* Customizable, Dynamic Routing Guides

* Configurable Rating Engine

* Carrier Management (Web- or EDI-based tendering, track and trace, and messaging)

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