Shipping Racks offer JIT inventory for lean operations.

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Custom built using plastic coated steel tubing, metal or plastic joints, and hardware accessories, Stackable Shipping Racks can incorporate only necessary features to complete task. To limit handling operations and minimize risk of part damage, racks offer multi-task material handling, from being loaded with parts at supplier's facility, conveyed to shipping dock, placed and stacked on over-the-road transport, to off-loading at receiving docks.

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Custom Stackable Shipping Racks


Continuous improvement...lean productivity...just-in-time parts inventory. They're today's proven methods to operational efficiencies and Creform® Corporation is helping customers achieve all three elements with new, custom designed and built-yet economical-stackable shipping racks. With extensive uses throughout automotive workplaces and many other industries, the concept behind the new shipping rack is to create a structure to specific component needs, i.e., to integrate dunnage capabilities that secure, protect and orient parts and subassemblies, especially those with awkward shapes, of fragile construction or with 'Class A' surfaces. The Creform stackable shipping racks are ideal for interior components such as automotive instrument panels and cockpit elements, door, pillar and overhead trims, as well as for exterior body panels, polished alloy wheels, drivetrain parts and a host of others.

Because the shipping rack structures offer multi-task material handling, from being loaded with part(s) at a supplier's facility, conveyed to the shipping dock, placed and stacked on over-the-road transport, to off-loading at receiving docks and points-of-use on assembly lines and process locations, the racks limit handling operations and minimize the risks of part damage. Typically, the shipping racks are also designed for ergonomic and efficient workpiece placement that can make these operations more productive and reduce chances of injury to handlers.

Since each rack, or set of racks, is custom built using the Creform System consisting of plastic coated steel tubing, joints and wide selection of hardware accessories, the units can incorporate only the necessary features to complete its tasks. For example, the racks are constructed with feet configured to mate with receivers mounted on the tops of other units that make stacking easy, save floor space in the facility and in truck/trailer hauling. The addition of casters creates racks that are easily rolled and maneuvered onto trucks or into loading/unloading locations. Variations include mounting casters on only one rack-a base unit-then stacking others (without casters) on top of the base rack for manual conveyance to other locations. The simplicity of the Creform System's design techniques also allows for the inclusion of fork receiving pockets or plates on the racks for handling by lift trucks.

The design simplicity is enhanced by the system's ease of construction, where the plastic-coated pipe sections are cut to required lengths with a manual or powered pipe cutter, band saw or chop saw. For assembly, the system utilizes either metal joints that tighten or clamp onto pipe sections via a threaded fastener, or plastic joints that are 'welded' to the pipes with a Creform-formulated adhesive. One of the benefits of using metal joints in the construction of Creform structures, and in particular the shipping racks, is the ease with which sections can be repaired in case of damage from fork truck accidents. Then too, if needs are eliminated or changed in the future, the racks assembled using metal joints can be disassembled and modified to accommodate the new designs and most of the pipe materials can be recycled into new structures. Additional accessories available for use include various flat channel rails, skatewheel and roller style conveyor sections, hinges and latches, label holders and displays, clamps, and an array pipe mounts, connectors, hooks and hangers, locks and cushioning springs.

Other representative examples of Creform structures include single angle and dual angle flow racks; a 'hybrid' flow/storage rack with easy, tool-less shelf height adjustment; simple part presentation stands; push carts and trailers; roller conveyors; hinged shelf carts; tilting racks and tables; height adjustable work tables and workstations along with the portable tool cribs and locking storage units. The Creform System also includes economical and easy-to-install Automated Guided Vehicle systems for efficient automated material delivery units.

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