Shipping Module is added to IMPACT ERP software.

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Encore Shipping System helps company maximize efficiency of shipping operations and enhance customer service through accurate freight calculations, precise shipment tracking, and on-time deliveries. Module automates shipping process, including packing of items, carrier selection, and transit times. System records all items packed in a box with query option verification and automatically prints shipping labels and Bills of Lading documentation.

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Syspro Group Adds Shipping System Module to IMPACT Encore(TM)

COSTA MESA, Calif. - May 30, 2002 -- The Syspro Group, a leading provider of enterprise/supply chain software, has announced the addition of a new Shipping System module to its IMPACT Encore(TM) ERP software. The number of modules now comprising the IMPACT Encore solution totals more than 40, enabling companies the widest latitude in tailoring supply chain solutions specific to their needs. The new shipping system helps a company to maximize the efficiency of its shipping operations and enhance customer service through accurate freight calculations, precise shipment tracking and on-time deliveries.

The IMPACT Encore Shipping System automates the entire shipping process, from the packing of items, to carrier selection, to transit times. The system menu is divided into key components that guide users in setting up a shipment. The Setup component provides options for carriers, shipping zones, rates and defaults. The Processing component details various packing choices, carrier selections, including "best way," and freight calculations; the Reports component lets the user define the format of the Bill of Lading document, including number of shipments and customers covered.

Because the packing process is completely controlled and packers see only the orders that are due to ship, operator workload is greatly reduced. Up to date shipping rates and electronic scale interface ensure the accuracy of shipping charges, enabling intelligent estimates to be provided customers during order entry. Since the system automatically updates IMPACT Encore's sales order module with shipping charges and tracking numbers, data entry is reduced, and the chance for human error is lessened. In addition to providing the most current shipping rates from carriers such as FedEx, UPS or Airborne, the system also caters to manually entered rates.

Additionally, the system records all items packed in a box with query option verification and automatically prints shipping labels and Bills of Lading documentation.

The new Shipping System module provides yet another link of IMPACT Encore's total supply chain solution. From the placing of an order to the fulfillment of that order, including supplying via purchase order, work order or transfers, IMPACT Encore emphasizes total supply chain visibility, extending even to returns from customers and to vendors.

According to Joey Benadretti, vice president, Syspro Group, Americas, "IMPACT Encore is among the select few software systems that not only enables insight into the status of shipments, but also does much to speed the shipments themselves."

IMPACT Encore software simplifies the task of order taking via customer stock codes, Universal Product codes or IMPACT Encore stock codes. It also enables order line fill rates to be reduced to partial shipments to meet delivery schedules for just-in-time (JIT) customers. The software even shortens lead times associated with warehouse transfers, supplier orders and order shipments to customers. And because it maintains detailed customer profiles, the system builds a powerful library of customer information, including credit limits, shipping addresses, order history and many more. In turn, these records help companies to speed deliveries.

As the name implies, the IMPACT Encore's Goods in Transit system provides visibility of all goods which are currently in transit. It facilitates transfers between warehouses by issuing a Supply Chain Transfer, a type of sales order which enables internal transfers to be reviewed and receipted in the same manner as external purchase orders. When the stock in one warehouse is inadequate to satisfy demand, it even suggests inter-warehouse supply chain transfers as an alternative to new purchases.

Visibility is maintained since the entire transaction is tracked from start to completion, producing a unique transfer document. Users have the option of issuing per line printouts or a single document upon completion of a transfer. Outstanding transfers by warehouse are also visible to the entire enterprise. The result is a transparent, audited, documented procedural approach to goods in transit, historically a gray area in many ERP solutions.

IMPACT Encore's Landed Cost Tracking provides visibility of imported goods while facilitating the control of all associated costs, resulting in accurate landed costs. IMPACT Encore's Return to Vendor (RTV) module enables a company to control the return and exchange of items purchased from suppliers with visibility and tracking through the conclusion of the transaction. The module also interfaces with IMPACT Encore's Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) module to ease the return of parts from customers back to the original supplier.

The RTV module removes any items to be returned to a vendor from available stock and holds them in a review area pending negotiations for the return. In addition, the module allows for credit notes and replacement items. It also tracks the costs of items not replaced, handles stocked and non-stocked items and retains an unlimited history of all RTV transactions. Additionally, the RTV module issues return documents and creates purchase orders for expected replacement items.

IMPACT Encore's RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) module provides a highly efficient method of controlling the return or exchange of items sold to customers, ensuring the visibility and tracking of the item returned until the transaction is concluded. Instant on-screen access gives complete RMA information. Because the system maintains an unlimited history of RMAs, it also helps a company to identify recurring problems. Moreover, the module automatically creates repair work orders, calculates associated return charges and facilitates immediate replacement cross-shipments to customers, even allowing for interbranch transfers.

Syspro's IMPACT Encore is a fully integrated, modular enterprise system. IMPACT Encore optimizes the abilities of single and multi-site manufacturers (repetitive, custom, quick- turn and mixed mode) and distributors. It offers outstanding price/performance and balance of functionality. More than 40 application modules cover financial controls, sales, purchasing, inventory control, MRP/production control, forecasting, distribution, Advanced Planning, Scheduling & Execution and CRM, enabling firms to tailor solutions specific to their requirements. IMPACT Encore supports Microsoft SQL and runs on Windows® 2000, NT and 98, UNIX and Novell.

The Syspro Group, established in 1978, is a world leader in providing manufacturing, distribution and financial accounting software solutions with thousands of installations in more than 50 countries. Syspro is one of the world's most honored software companies. Recent milestones include: Number One Rating in 2002 Middle Market ERP Software Survey Conducted by Accounting Research/K2 Enterprises; Recipient of START Magazine's First Annual Vision Award (2001) and "Hottest Company" designation for three years; Named Finalist for Developer of Year (2002) by Software Council of Southern California; Ranked Among World's Top 100 Software Companies by MSI Magazine, Managing Automation Magazine and Software Magazine; and Given Highest Ratings in Accounting and Manufacturing Software Reviews by CPA Software News for ten consecutive years.

Syspro Group software is marketed worldwide through regional territory distribution centers in the U.S., Canada, Africa, Asia Pacific, Australia and the U.K.

Syspro headquarters for the Americas are located in Costa Mesa, Calif., from which the company markets its IMPACT Encore supply chain software to emerging companies in the U.S., Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. or email

For additional information, please contact Stan Goodrich at 714/437-1000.

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