Shimadzu Announces the Release of the Interface Software to Waters Empower Data Processing Software for Controlling Shimadzu´s Prominence HPLC


Addressing Users´ Demands for Multi-Vendor Solutions

Shimadzu Corporation (Kyoto, Japan) announced today that they have released the interface software to Waters® Empower(TM) Chromatography data processing software for controlling Shimadzu´s Prominence® HPLC series. The development was carried out based on the agreement with Waters Corporation (Milford, MA) originally announced at PittCon 2007. This software, which Shimadzu will start selling in October 2007, has been developed using the Waters Open Interface Portal (OIP), a multi-vendor solution for Empower software. Integrated with Empower software, the interface software enables the seamless control of Shimadzu´s Prominence HPLC series, including digital data acquisition of its Photo Diode Array Detector.

Waters Empower software ( offers database-driven data and user-control features that have made it the world´s most widely used chromatography data system for quality control applications in industries such as pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and food and beverage. Shimadzu s Prominence liquid chromatography systems are highly regarded for their performance, reliability and value, and are some of the most widely used liquid chromatographs.

There is an increasing need for quality control departments in regulated industries, such as pharmaceuticals, to integrate data from multiple chromatographs used in their laboratories. Consequently, there is an increasing demand for a single chromatography data system that can operate chromatographs from a variety of manufacturers (multi-vendor compatibility). This collaboration between Shimadzu and Waters responds to such changing needs of users by offering seamless control of Shimadzu´s Prominence systems with Empower software.

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