Shenzhen Airlines Adopts Mechtronix NZFT(TM) Full Flight Simulator

Airline's selection of new generation simulator marks introduction and embracement of the Non Zero Flight Time training concept in China

MONTREAL, Feb. 26 -- Shenzhen Airlines, one of China's leading airlines today announced its adoption of a new B737-NG FFS X(TM) from Mechtronix, the fastest growing and third leading manufacturer of flight training equipment in the world. The FFS X(TM) NZFT(TM) (Non Zero Flight Time(TM) ) unit is currently being delivered with plans to install and qualify with Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) for training set to begin in March at the airline's facility in Shenzhen, P.R of China. The growing airline's introduction of the FFS X(TM) will support pilot training in its own facility allowing for the reduction of training costs and the expansion of its training capacity.

"We selected the Mechtronix NZFT(TM) FFS X(TM) at Shenzhen for its growing global success serving other organizations and regulators where it has demonstrated proven quality, reliability and economic affordability", said Li Kun, President of Shenzhen Airlines. "Most importantly, its low acquisition and maintenance costs will help lower our overall training costs without compromising our pilot's training experience based on its exceptional fidelity. We will also greatly benefit from the device's ability to better serve our expanding capacity issues and then to even permit us to gain additional revenue by acting as a 3rd party training center."

The NZFT(TM) FFS X(TM) , made by the Montreal based flight training device manufacturer, comes in at a low acquisition cost which is typically ½ that of traditional ZFT(TM) flight simulator while providing a pilot with 100% of recurrent training. The NZFT(TM) FFS X(TM) provides the highest level of fidelity and can easily be upgraded to a ZFT(TM) FFS X(TM) . Unlike traditional ZFT(TM) simulators, the NZFT(TM) uses true replication technology, thus lowering maintenance and operating costs by not deploying expensive aircraft components or a team of avionics experts to run it. A smaller in-house maintenance team is all that is required, thus reducing people and spare parts costs. The NZFT(TM) FFS X(TM) has been qualified both by the FAA and JAA along with other civil aviation authorities in Latin America and Eastern Europe.

With the introduction of this technology, Shenzhen joins an expanding list of top organizations worldwide like Lufthansa and TUIfly that have adopted the NZFT(TM) FFS X(TM) for their training and that of other airlines' pilots.

"We are very pleased to have been able to help Mechtronix develop another special relationship within the Chinese aerospace industry,' said David Chou, President of Pacific-China Aero Technology Ltd. "It clearly shows that Mechtronix' NZFT(TM) FFS X(TM) technology concept truly has world acceptance and a strong brand that translates well into many languages and regions."

"We are honored to have had the NZFT(TM) training concept adopted by a major airline like Shenzhen", said Mechtronix' CEO Fernando Petruzziello. "It is rewarding to see that more and more airlines, flight training organizations and regulators worldwide understand that the NZFT(TM) FFS X(TM) concept represents a true evolution in a new generation of solutions we are providing. We look forward to our ongoing relationship with Shenzhen and appreciate their faith in our technology."

About Shenzhen Airlines

Shenzhen Airlines, an airline company specializing in air passenger, cargo and mail transport, was founded in November 1992 and started service on September 17 1993. Currently it maintains 50 passenger aircraft (Boeing 737s and Airbus A320s) and four Boeing 747 cargo aircraft. It has set up the joint venture Jade Cargo International with Lufthansa, and co-established a regional airline company with the US MESA Air Group, as well as Asia United Business Airlines with Hong Kong investors. Shenzhen Airlines' mission is 'to develop the world's most welcoming and valuable airlines, promoting China's national aviation industry to make it the world's preferred choice'. The company's vision is to pioneer unique airlines by presenting its targets and responsibilities to the public, and by contributing its full strength to developing China's position in the world.

Mechtronix Systems Inc. (MSI)

Headquartered in the Montreal aviation hub, Mechtronix Systems Inc. (MSI) is the fastest growing designer and manufacturer of flight simulators. Backed by Canada's largest institutional investor, Mechtronix ranks in the top-3 of the global flight simulator market, with presence in America, Europe and Asia. Through 20 years of passion and dedication, Mechtronix has developed a unique expertise and proved extensively its vision and leadership for flight training. Worldwide customers include major airlines and training centers such as Alitalia, Copa Airlines, Japan Airlines, Northwest Airlines and Lufthansa Flight Training. Mechtronix offers a full range of products from full flight simulators to flight training devices, which are setting new industry standards for higher fidelity, reliability, cost efficiency and safety. Recent additions include the FFT X(TM) fixed base and FFS X(TM) full motion simulator available in Non Zero Flight Time(TM) (NZFT (TM) ) and the Zero Flight Time(TM) (ZFT (TM) ) configurations.


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