Shelving, Inc. ( Now Offers High Density Storage Systems Providing More Compact, Height-Optimized Storage Solutions

Auburn Hills, MI - May 9, 2007 - Shelving, Inc. ( announces that it is now stocking a complete line of high quality, durable high-density storage systems that can be used in many industrial applications. Maximizing cubic capacity is key in running a well-organized distribution center or warehouse. High-density storage systems are the ideal solution, offering benefits that conventional storage cannot-from thorough use of cubic and vertical space to load capacity.

"A disorganized warehouse negatively affects every part of a business-from productivity to employee safety to overall ROI," said Joe Schodowski, president of Shelving, Inc. Without an efficient storage solution like these new high-density systems, a business can quickly accumulate inaccurate inventories, unexpected overstocks, unscheduled downtime, and overcrowded or inefficient use of space. Shelving, Inc. and its recently enhanced e-commerce website provide affordably priced high-density storage systems including modular drawer storage cabinets, mobile cabinets and aisles, and complete mezzanine systems, which take advantage of a room's full height while maximizing use of floor space. These space-saving systems eliminate wasted aisle space and provided necessary space for slower moving inventory.

Shelving, Inc. comes into a potential client's space and asks many questions, and when they see inefficient use of space, they recommend solutions. They also ask for a velocity report to analyze which products are moving and which ones are not. "You'd be surprised how many warehouses don't utilize better real estate for fast moving items or hot sellers," said Schodowski. Slow moving products should be kept up higher, or at least further away from loading docks where fast moving items are better suited. "This alone can reduce overhead costs and improve shipping turn-around time and why high-density storage systems solve many of the challenges warehouse managers face," added Schodowski. "I tell many customers that they can't afford to have inventory stored in a trailer outside their warehouses-shrink your isles and go up higher to maximize your cubic space," said Joe Schodowski.

"With our new high-density storage system from Shelving, Inc., we're now able to store product twice as high as well move product so much faster in and out of our warehouse." said Gary Zatkoff, president of Farmington Hills, MI-based Zatkoff Seals & Packings, the largest independent distributor of seals in North America.

To clearly understand the advantages of high-density storage, compare it to conventional shelving:
o High-density drawer storage uses all available cubic space and frees up floor space.o Full-extension drawers, an important component of a high-density storage system, provide complete easy access. Upper levels and the rear of conventional shelves are hard to see and reach and often are not used. Items on shelves are often stacked, difficult to retrieve, and easy to lose.
o Inventory control is easy in compartmentalized storage because there is clear visibility.
o Conventional Shelving provides no efficient parts location system.

About Shelving, Inc.

Shelving Inc. has been at the forefront of providing customized shelving and storage solutions for industry and business for since 1960. One of the top shelving distributors in the country, Shelving, Inc. has over 25 employees with two global distribution centers and a commercial e-commerce web site, The Shelving Store, a division of Shelving, Inc., is a multi-channel retailer of home/residential storage systems consisting of a storefront, catalog, personal design team, and e-commerce web site

Those interested in high-density storage systems, please call Shelving, Inc. directly at 800-637-9508, visit them on line or stop by their Auburn Hills corporate office located at 32 S. Squirrel Road in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Hours are Monday-Friday 8 am-5:30 pm.

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