Shell Cassida Fluid GLE Specially Designed Food-Grade Lubricant

Meeting the Stringent Needs of the Food and Beverage Industry

Houston - Developing a safe, quality product is a priority of every food and beverage facility. Though companies would never overlook the quality of their ingredients, some fail to see the importance of the lubricants used in the development of their products. Shell Lubricants has introduced Shell Cassida® Fluid GLE to help provide peak performance while meeting the strict requirements for food-grade lubricants.

Shell Cassida® Fluid GLE (available in ISO 150 and 220) is an odorless, tasteless and non-toxic full synthetic lubricant that is specially designed for various applications in the food and beverage canning industry. The formulation emulsifies water that is essential when used in gear reducers, where contamination from water and juice can cause wear and corrosion to machinery.

"Resisting the formation of deposits and sludge even at high temperatures is critical to promote long oil and equipment life," said Bill Stein, Product Application Specialist, Shell Lubricants. "The careful blend of synthetic fluids and additives in Shell Cassida® Fluid GLE meet the strict requirements necessary for food and beverage production without compromising machine reliability."

Shell Cassida® Fluid GLE is recommended by Angelus® Sanitary Can Machine Company, the world's largest manufacturer of can seamer machines. Angelus® uses Shell Cassida® Fluid GLE as the factory fill in its machines and recommends it for use in all of their high speed can seamers that require food-grade (H1) oils.

The lubricant is suitable for facilities where vegetarian and nut-free food are produced, as it does not contain any natural products from animals, nuts or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Shell Cassida® Fluid GLE does not promote the growth of bacteria or fungal organisms and is Kosher and Halal certified.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) maintains that food-grade lubricants are harmless if accidentally consumed in quantities below the maximum level of 10 parts per million (ppm). The FDA has zero tolerance for contamination by nonfood-grade lubricants. Shell Cassida® Fluid GLE is certified H1 (for incidental food contact) by NSF International, an independent, not for profit organization, which certifies products and drafts standards applicable for food-grade lubricants.

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