Shaft Alignment System offers wireless Bluetooth operation.

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With Live-Any-Angle 360° alignment, Easy-Laser® E710 enables users to make adjustments to alignment with laser heads in any position, and still get live updated values. Endurio(TM) Power Management system ensures that integrated battery automatically charges itself from 4 C cell batteries so users never have to stop alignment because of exhausted battery power. Additional features include color graphics, barcode scanner accessory, and EasyLink(TM) software for transfer of files to PC.

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Alignment Supplies, Inc. Announces New Easy-Laser® Wireless Shaft Alignment System

Maumee, OH - Greg Knitz, President of Alignment Supplies, Inc., announced today the launch of the newest Easy-Laser® product - the E710. The E710 continues on the development path of the Easy-Laser® E-Series products, which all offer next-generation features like wireless Bluetooth(TM) operation, crisp, color graphics, and Endurio(TM) Power Management for infinite operating time. "This is a breakthrough step for Easy-Laser® and ASI," said Mr. Knitz, noting that "our biggest innovation with the E710 is making a next-generation system that is truly affordable." The E710 is aggressively priced to beat all competitors, and showcases several technical innovations as well.

It is no secret that the Laser Shaft Alignment market has gradually gone in the direction of next-generation systems, and that features like wireless operation and color screens have become more commonplace among the average user. Knitz stated that "Easy-Laser® has taken the time to design a well-thought out product, rather than rush to market with a system that isn't ready. And that extra planning benefits our customers directly, and pays off as the most affordable next-generation system on the market."

The E710 boasts a wide range of technological innovations, not just wireless Bluetooth(TM) operation and a color graphics. Battery life has been a recurring issue for next-generation laser shaft alignment systems, and Easy-Laser® has taken an important step in eliminating that problem with the Endurio(TM) Power Management system. The E710's integrated battery automatically charges itself from 4 ordinary "C" cell batteries - and makes sure that users never have to stop an alignment because of exhausted battery power.

The Easy-Laser® E710 also features innovations like Live-Any-Angle 360° alignment, meaning users can make adjustments to their alignment with the laser heads in any position, and still get LIVE updated values. Additionally, the E710 can be purchased with a barcode scanner accessory. Now users can label their machines with a barcode so that repeat alignments are faster than ever - simply scan the barcode, and all previously entered data and dimensions for the machine are brought back instantaneously - enabling users to focus their time on the alignment. The E710 also enables users to develop and save their own custom user profiles, and offers the most comprehensive set of data storage and documentation options ever - including transferring the files to PC with the free EasyLink(TM) software, saving to a USB flash drive, or as a PDF report saved in the system memory.

Of course, Easy-Laser® is known for their industry-best 2 Year Warranty, intuitive programs, clean, ergonomic design, upgradeability / expandability, and unmatched durability - all of which carry over into the new E710. "We've become fond of calling this system the 'evolution' of laser shaft alignment - it has all the advanced features, benefits, and more at an industry-best price," said Mr. Knitz. "We are confident the E710 outmatches anything else not just in performance, but also in price. With the E710 being such an amazing value, we anticipate old customers and new will be eager to join the E-volution."

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Since 1985, Alignment Supplies, Inc. has served the rotating machinery industry with a complete line of alignment-related products for shaft and machinery alignment. As the US Master Distributor for Easy-Laser®, Alignment Supplies, Inc. has the experience, resources, and equipment to address any alignment need. Contact us at 800.997.4467 (US only), 419.887.5890, or at

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