Sewer Pipe Repair Kits reduce wasted time and materials.

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Used for trenchless sewer pipe repairs, Infrastructure Point Repair Kit is built to fit job at hand and offer options for almost any repair situation. Each kit includes pre-cut liner in 1 of 4 different weights in correct diameter and length to fit and mend pipe with airtight seal. Engineered for point repairs, measured and ready to mix resins come in formulations for cold or warm weather and offer consistent, predictable cure times. Safety equipment and cleaner are also included.

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Infrastructure Trenchless Point Repair Kits Save Time and Money Over DIY Patches

St. Petersburg FL — Trenchless sewer pipe repairs can be a big money and time saver when compared to digging and replacing sections of pipe. Some try to take the savings further by buying rolls of fiberglass and drums of epoxy on their own to make a patch. Infrastructure Repair Systems, Inc., a company producing pre-assembled point repair kits, has a better solution.

What may seem to be the cheapest solution can actually turn out to be the most expensive. Consider your labor; it could take eight to twelve hours to prepare the materials for a single repair, gathering your supplies, measuring, cutting, and pouring up resin.

Waste is another important consideration. An inexperienced person may cut the fiberglass the wrong size, use an incorrect amount of resin or mix the resin components in the wrong proportions. When buying in bulk, it may be necessary to buy much larger quantities than will be used.

A DIY patch may be difficult to position. “Our patented tie and strap systems makes correct placement of the repair liner a lot easier.” according to Rose Higman, President of Infrastructure Repair Systems. “Even on preassembled kits made by some of our competitors, the ties may not work correctly, one side could break open ahead of the other, causing wrinkles and possibly breaking the seal, making the DIY patch ineffective. Removing a failed patch is very expensive in labor and waste”.

IRSI’s resins are specially engineered for point repairs, and come in formulations for cold or warm weather with consistent, predictable cure times.

IRSI builds each kit to fit the job with options for most any repair situation.  Every Infrastructure Point Repair Kit includes a precut liner, in one of four different weights in the correct diameter and length to fit and mend the pipe with an airtight seal. The resin is measured and ready to mix.  The kit includes safety equipment and cleaner. One liner weight and one resin formulation limits the applicable repairs for the DIY patch.

The most important savings come from the durability of the repair.  Infrastructure Point Repairs are as strong as the host pipe and are certified to last 100 years! DIY patches have no testing to certify their performance.

For more information on the reliable and competitively priced Infrastructure Point Repair Kits, call Infrastructure Repair Systems at 877-327-4216 or visit the website at

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