Sewer Nozzle cleans large-diameter pipes.

Press Release Summary:

Concentrating its cleaning capabilities toward bottom, C-Ray employs manifold system that directs water to conduits for each individual jet in order to extend water flow through pipe. Constructed of stainless steel, nozzle is effective in pipe sizes from 15-60 in. Larger pipe sizes can be accommodated depending on Trucks volume.

Original Press Release:

Sewer Cleaning Nozzles for Large Diameter Pipes and Bottom Cleaning

The C-Ray is an extremely effective Sewer nozzle that concentrates its cleaning on the Bottom. The C-Ray Sewer Nozzle is highly effective due to its Patented Manifold system that directs the water to conduits for each individual jet. This allows the water to flow longer and farther down the pipe. Using larger jet sizes with less of them is more effective than trying to compensate for the poor design of the nozzle with more jets.

The C-Ray Sewer cleaning nozzle is higly effective in pipe sizes ranging from 15" up to 60" and in some cases larger as it depends upon your Trucks volume. Many new varieties of the C-Ray coming soon with New designs and even more effective ways of cleaning. When it comes to Sewer cleaning for large diameter the C-Ray Sewer Cleaning Nozzle is the choice for its Performance, Longevity due to quality Stainless Steel contruction and the overall Design.

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