Servo Amplifiers suit small/medium size brushless motors.

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Linear 3-phase Models TA305 and TA310 provide 50 and 200 W continuous power, respectively. Dynamic Transconductance Selection enables on-the-fly changes to torque gain. Trapezoidal output minimizes cogging, and Hall transition-caused overshoots are minimized, providing smooth, sinusoidal-like drive mode. Fault protected from over-current and over-temperature, units operate with 15-52 V supply in switch-selectable voltage or current mode.

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New Brushless Servo Amplifiers Features On-the-Fly Torque Gain Control, Smooth Sinusoidal and Trapezoidal Commutation!

San Luis Obispo, CA - New, easy to integrate, linear, three-phase, servo amplifiers for small and medium size brushless motors from Trust Automation, Inc. are ideal for applications requiring smooth motion such as: Optical positioning, laboratory test equipment, linear motion systems, wafer handling, and metrology tools. The TA305 and TA310 brushless servo amplifiers have been optimized for smooth sinusoidal output. Additionally, the trapezoidal output has been smoothed to minimize cogging, and Hall transition-caused overshoots are minimized providing a smoother, sinusoidal-like drive mode.

Incorporated into the TA305 and TA310 amplifiers is Dynamic Transconductance Selection (DTS) which has been pioneered by Trust Automation. DTS enables on-the-fly changes to the torque gain for high resolution without sacrificing power capability. This is especially important in frictionless air bearing stages (e.g. metrology tables) where high current is required for startup and change of direction, yet high-resolution control is required over the length of travel.

The, very low electrical noise, TA305 50 Watt continuous (100 Watt peak) and the TA 310 200 Watt continuous (400 Watt peak) amplifiers operate with a 15 to 52 Volt supply and can operate in a voltage (velocity) mode or current (torque) mode which are switch selectable. They are fault protected from over-current and over-temperature and have integral forced air cooling. Low in cost, the TA305 amplifier is 5.5 in. (140 mm) x 2.2 in. ((31 mm)x 2.1 in. (53 mm) and the T310 amplifier is 9.0 in. (229 mm) x 2.7 in. (69 mm) x 3.0 in. (76 mm).

Trust Automation, Inc. has focused on developing and manufacturing the highest performance servo drives in the motion control market. Our innovative products address the increasing demand for higher performance and simpler machine integration.

Other motion control products available are: Stand-alone motion and machine controllers, SynqNet I/O and SynqNet Drives, Brushed and Brushless Rotary Motors, Interconnect Products and Automation Engineering consulting covering Mechanical, Electrical, Software and System aspects of machine design.
Since 1990 Trust Automation has provided Smart Solutions in Motion Control and Affordable Customization of motion related products.

For additional information contact Ty Safreno at Trust Automation, 205 Suburban Road, San Luis Obispo, CA93401; Tel: 805-544-0761, Fax: 805-544-4621, E-Mail: or visit the Web site at

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