Servo Amplifier suits high duty cycle applications.

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Model SX25A20 outputs 25 A peak, 12.5 A continuous and operates off 60-190 Vdc. It accepts 2 sinusoidal command signals with 120° phase shift, generated from external controller, which does commutation. Amplifier generates third phase internally and drives motor sinusoidally. Bandwidth of 6 KHz can be achieved using low inductance motor. Thermal drift and offset is minimized by current loop components. Unit includes 1400 Vdc isolation and is CE compliant.

Original Press Release:

6 KHz Bandwidth Sinusoidal Amplifier Ideal for High Duty Cycle Applications

Camarillo, CA...Advanced Motion Controls announces the availability of our new SX family of servo amplifiers. The SX25A20 outputs 25 Amps peak 12.5 Amps continuous and operates off 60-190 VDC (other voltage and current ranges are available). These amplifiers accept two sinusoidal command signals with a 120-degree phase shift, generated from an external controller, which does the commutation. The amplifier generates the third phase internally and drives the motor sinusoidally. Advanced technology is used so a 6 KHz bandwidth can be achieved when using a low inductance motor. Thermal drift and offset is minimized by use of precision current loop components. Dipswitches enable the user to change inhibit/enable logic, scale current and tune the current loop. Solderless sockets are included for precision current loop tuning. 1400 VDC isolation is standard on all units. Units are CE compliant. Typical applications include: direct drive steering mechanism for flight and ground vehicle simulators, super high speed wire bonding machines, press feed machines, micrometer stage positioning, precision medical positioning applications, metal processing and glass bottle making machines.

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