Servo Actuator suits high torque density requirements.

Press Release Summary:

Combining high precision gearhead, high-pole motor, and feedback integrated in single package, Model TPM+ provides 40-1,600 Nm maximum output torque and 325-431 rpm maximum output speed. Magnets are closer to load which improves stiffness and results in high dynamics. Featuring small size, mass, and volume, unit eliminates extra components such as additional rotating parts, which decrease amount of inertia of actuator.

Original Press Release:

The New TPM+ from WITTENSTEIN Is the Next Step in Servo Actuation

Unparalleled dynamic performance and power density in the world of servo-actuation solidify this striking new compact motor-gearhead unit as the newest innovation out of the US WITTENSTEIN Group. With a design so compact and sleek - you'll want the servo actuators out front.

TPM+ is the latest addition to the WITTENSTEIN family. With the new sleek design and advanced technological features, WITTENSTEIN has pushed the boundaries of servo actuation to new limits.

The TPM+ servo actuator is comprised of a high precision gearhead, a high-pole motor and feedback all integrated into a single package. Because the actuator concept eliminates any extra components, the size and mass have been reduced by 50% as compared to a standard motor and gearbox combination. This small size and mass makes the torque density of the TPM+ the best in its class.

The high level of integration of the TPM+ has more benefits than just reduced size. This new concept in actuator design eliminates the additional rotating parts that are used in a conventional solution, i.e. additional bearings, couplings, and larger shafts, decreasing the amount of inertia of the actuator. The source of power in an electromechanical solution, the magnets, is moved closer to the load which improves stiffness and results in higher dynamics.

These characteristics, combined with the small mass and volume, make the TPM+ the best solution when an actuator with high torque density is needed.

Technical Features:

TPM+ (size)

16, 21, 31, 61, 64, 91

Max. output torque (Nm)

Max. output speed (RPM)

WITTENSTEIN motion control is a world leader in design, development and production of electromechanical servo drive systems for rotary and linear motion. WITTENSTEIN motion control products include the TPM+, recognized as the industry's most compact and most precise integrated brushless AC servo rotary actuator, and the ternary®, the all-in-one mechatronic actuator system offering unparalleled space efficiency.

alpha gear drives, WITTENSTEIN motion control and WITTENSTEIN cyber motor are members of the WITTENSTEIN group of companies, recognized globally as a leader in motion control.

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WITTENSTEIN motion control
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Ph: (630) 540-5300
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Miriam Bilstein
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Bartlett, IL 60103
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