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McAfee Secure Search Service allows user to avoid sites that take advantage of security holes in browser; downloads that contain spyware, viruses, or adware; phishing sites; and sites that display pop-up windows or change browser's default settings. It is available via McAfee SiteAdvisor toolbar. Combining PCI compliance, rigorous testing, and daily scanning, McAfee® Secure for Web Sites lets safe sites display McAfee Secure(TM) trust mark. Both build upon SiteAdvisor® safe search product.

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McAfee, Inc. Delivers the Secure Internet

McAfee to Launch a Secure Search Service and New 'McAfee Secure' Trust mark

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 7 / / - With declining consumer confidence in Internet safety, McAfee, Inc. (NYSE:MFE) today announced new services that will create a more secure Internet experience for millions of consumers. McAfee Secure Search Service, to be launched this summer, will deliver one of the safest online search experiences for consumers by eliminating risky sites from search results. McAfee® Secure for Web Sites combines rigorous security testing, business practice review, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance certification, and ongoing vulnerability evaluation for Web site owners and online retailers. Web sites that pass the certification process will be able to display a McAfee Secure(TM) trust mark, giving consumers and businesses confidence about transacting online.

The McAfee Secure Search Service

With almost eight billion risky sites served in search results every month across major search engines, using McAfee Secure Search consumers will now be able to avoid malicious sites that take advantage of security holes in the browser ("browser exploits"); downloads that contain spyware, viruses, or adware; phishing sites that attempt to trick users into giving critical personal and financial information; sites that display aggressive pop-up windows or change the browser's default settings without consent and Web sites that send high-volumes of e-mail.

"The McAfee Secure Search Service and McAfee Secure for Web Sites are important extensions to our Web security offerings that build upon our highly successful SiteAdvisor® safe search product that has already had more than 134 million downloads. It furthers McAfee's leadership position of providing true multi-platform security for our customers, protecting their PCs, mobile devices and Web experiences," said Todd Gebhart, senior vice president and general manager of McAfee's consumer, Web, small and mobile business. "With four out of five Web site visits starting with search, the McAfee Secure Search Service will direct McAfee customers to the secure Internet and the new McAfee Secure for Web Sites will give e-businesses a tremendous opportunity to build trust, boost traffic and ultimately increase online sales."

The McAfee Secure Search Service will be available via the McAfee SiteAdvisor toolbar and released to existing and new SiteAdvisor users free of charge later this quarter. Within search results, consumers will see McAfee SiteAdvisor's green, yellow and red ratings that clearly indicate whether a site is safe, if the consumer needs to exercise caution, or if it's risky. They will also see McAfee Secure sites-those that have passed stringent tests that help to ensure they are safe from external hackers. Consumers can customize the McAfee Secure Search Service by completely filtering out risky "red" sites and they can make the McAfee Secure Search Service their browser's default search engine.

McAfee Secure for Web Sites

Complementing the McAfee Secure Search Service, McAfee is launching McAfee Secure for Web Sites - the most comprehensive security scanning and trust mark in the industry to date. Designed to build trust for proven, secure Web sites, McAfee Secure for Web Sites will ensure that safe Web sites can distinguish themselves from sites that are unsecure, or have not been tested. The three-pronged service combines PCI compliance, rigorous testing and daily scanning, and the McAfee Secure trust mark.

Research from a Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) survey in 2006 shows that 70 percent of terminated online purchases are due to lack of transaction trust, costing e-commerce retailers $1.9 billion in lost revenues. Experts agree that the key to increasing traffic and business is to restore consumers' online confidence and build trust. With McAfee Secure, online sites will have a recognized trust mark to signify the highest level of testing and security.

The new service will test Web sites daily for vulnerabilities, dangerous content and links that expose consumers' computer and personal information to malicious use. Certified Web sites will be able to display a new McAfee Secure(TM) trust mark, as part of the service, to identify their security to Internet users. Additionally, McAfee Secure Web sites will also be identified in McAfee SiteAdvisor ratings to help millions of consumers choose secure sites in search results from all major search providers.

"The rise of malicious sites has caused Internet users to be wary of searching and shopping online - especially when those activities require personal information," said Tim Dowling, vice president of the McAfee Web Security Group. "Because bad sites strive to look harmless to users it is very difficult to identify the search results that are safe to visit, and sites that are safe today may turn into a bad site tomorrow. With McAfee Secure Search and the McAfee Secure trust mark, we are helping consumers take the guesswork out of searching and shopping safely online."

McAfee Secure for Web Sites: Comprehensive Security Certification Services for Businesses and Peace of Mind for Consumers

McAfee Secure for Web Sites provides multiple levels of Web site security testing, making it the most comprehensive service in the industry. Included features of McAfee Secure for Web Sites are:

McAfee Secure Identification System: The service includes a McAfee Secure
trust mark for display on the Web site. The image is served by McAfee
only if the Web site has passed McAfee Secure for Web Sites tests and is
checked daily. In the event a Web site fails the test, the trust mark is
removed until the site successfully passes the security test.
Additionally, a McAfee Secure Web site which passes the daily tests will
be included in the SiteAdvisor rating system.

Safe User Experiences: To complement the vulnerability scanning, McAfee
provides another layer of testing that ensures McAfee Secure Web sites
employ reputable business practices and deliver safe user experiences.
This includes testing sites for adware, spyware, excessive pop-ups,
spamminess, deceptive marketing practices, browser exploits and potential
phishing attacks. After a site has been certified as McAfee Secure(TM),
it maintains certification only by passing ongoing security audits.

Managed Security Scanning: Beyond minimum PCI requirements, McAfee offers
daily proactive scanning to help businesses address potential security
issues before they impact customers and suppliers. Additional testing
includes extensive scans that can be run on-demand, the ability to
configure scans and real-time access to detailed vulnerability
remediation data through reports. When vulnerabilities are detected,
McAfee identifies security fixes and provides assistance. For 24/7
convenience, customers can manage vulnerability and management
information online and they have access to unlimited technical support.

McAfee PCI Compliance Certification: E-commerce sites that accept payment
cards must pass PCI Compliance. With McAfee's PCI Compliance Service,
e-businesses are provided with wizards, interactive tools and automated
procedures that make it fast and easy to meet PCI DSS Security Standards.

Pricing and Availability

The McAfee Secure Web service is available today for Web site owners. Pricing is based on the number of IP addresses or page views. For more information please visit:

McAfee SiteAdvisor

McAfee SiteAdvisor tests and rates, on an ongoing basis, nearly every trafficked site on the Internet. Site Advisor's ratings are created by using patented advanced technology to conduct automated Web site tests. In addition, as part of the user community forum function, users can provide direct feedback to McAfee analysts to share their personal experience about the sites they visit on the Internet. McAfee SiteAdvisor can be downloaded for free in about 25 seconds at McAfee SiteAdvisor works with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

SiteAdvisor has received numerous honors, including: five-star reviews from CNET's, Time Magazine's "50 Coolest Web Sites," Popular Science's "Best of What's New" and the U.S. Department of Commerce's "Recognition of Excellence in Innovation" honor.

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