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Machining to your unique specifications

KLH Industries, Inc. has remained a pioneer of EDM technology for the past 21 years. Our machines in the wire EDM (WEDM) department are capable of working within +/- 0.00005" tolerances and handling parts up to 5 tons or over 2 ft tall.

In fact, according to Mitsubishi EDM, KLH houses "the tallest work piece capacity of any fully-submerged wire EDM on the market." Submersing a part balances thermal levels within the tank, which allows for reliable accuracy and faster cutting times.

KLH's large capacity WEDM machines are ideal for high-tolerance machining, such as: turbine disks found in the aerospace industry, MRI/X-Ray equipment in the medical industry, and gear box/brake parts for the wind energy industry. Whether prototypes, one part, or high-production runs, KLH has a WEDM machine to match your requirements, and exceed your expectations. For WEDM inquires or RFQ's, contact:

Davin Karvala

EDM - Business Unit Manager

Phone: (262) 253-4990 x 224

Fax: (262) 253-4992




o Maintains tolerances to +/-0.00005

o Taper angles to 45º with accuracy to three seconds

o Latest power supply technology (including Anti-Electrolysis)

o Auto threading and submersible

o 10 RMS or higher

o Fully production capable

o Wire diameter from 0.002" to 0.014"


o Performs difficult drilling tasks

o CNC programmable

o High repeat accuracy

o 0.004" to 0.125" diameter electrodes

o Drill depths 300 times the diameter

o Reduces risk of broken drills

o Reduces cost

o Eliminates costly machinery

o Full production capable


o High repeat accuracy

o Surface finishes to 32RMS and higher

o Hole threading in hardened materials and repair of holes with broken taps that insures minimal damage to existing threads

o Experience with an array of exotic materials including Carbide

o Full production capable

o C-axis capable for complex burns

o CNC programmable

o Eliminates costly machining of intricate details

o Equipped with tool-changer to maximize run time efficiency

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