Service identifies business strengths/areas for improvement.

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UL ClearView(TM) third-party business improvement solution service utilizes set of business performance drivers relevant to all firms and streamlined methodology that provides clear metrics to gauge performance against clauses and sub-clauses of various standards of ISO. Implemented alone or in conjunction with other management system standards, it provides pre-audit assessment gap analyses and can monitor and report effectiveness of improvement plans.

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Underwriters Laboratories Offers UL ClearView(TM) Advanced Business Improvement Diagnostic Service

o Customizable assessment methodology enhances business decision-making process
o Timely, cost-effective means of including input from employees, customers, suppliers
o Identifies details that drive both day-to-day performance and long-term business goals

NORTHBROOK, Ill. (Aug. 21, 2007) - Underwriters Laboratories (UL) today announced the introduction of UL ClearView(TM), a third-party business improvement solution service for organizations that enables better identification of business strengths and areas for improvement. UL ClearView is a response to customer needs for approaches that directly support business improvement beyond basic compliance.

UL ClearView represents the next generation of services that build upon UL's deep technical expertise in management systems standards. The streamlined, user-friendly methodology provides clear metrics to efficiently gage performance against clauses and sub-clauses of various standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and a set of business performance drivers relevant to all firms.

"Using a remote web-based assessment to gather, collate and report information, UL ClearView provides a timely and cost-effective way to fully engage employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in the assessment process," said Alex Fernando, Global Program Manager, UL ClearView. "If appropriate, this information can be used in conjunction with subsequent on-site audits to go even further to uncover risks and highlight improvement opportunities."

UL ClearView can:
o Identify high-potential improvement opportunities;
o Uncover standards compliance issues and key business risks;
o Provide pre-audit assessment gap analyses;
o Reduce costs and inconvenience of current assessment activities;
o Provide a basis for routine internal assessment programs;
o Monitor and report the effectiveness of improvement plans; and
o Be implemented alone, or in conjunction with a wide variety of management system standards such as ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, ISO 20000 and company-specific internal quality and business performance standards.

In one example, a client based in the U.K. realized immediate financial benefits by implementing UL ClearView in conjunction with its internal auditing program. The company attained savings of approximately £150,000 primarily as a result of eliminating the need to incur the cost and business disruption of training 60 people.

Upon completion of a UL ClearView assessment, a tailored set of deliverables consists of an executive summary; a working session facilitated by UL with the audited organization; reports that link findings to performance indicators; detailed diagnostic information; online comparisons of results by individual sites, departments, job functions and overtime; and recommendations on how to verify process improvements within twelve months of the initial assessment.

UL ClearView is a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited methodology and is a globally accredited approach for ISO 9001. ISO 9001 is one of the ISO 9000 family of quality management standards that has become an international reference for quality requirements in business-to-business dealings. ISO 9000 can be used in conjunction with other management system standards such as ISO 14000 environmental management systems standards.

For UL ClearView business inquiries contact: Alex Fernando, Global Program Manager, at: +,; or Hal Wells, Global Sales Manager, at: +1.408.754.6726; For more information, visit:

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