Service enables secure online collaboration.

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Utilizing H.264 video compression technology, VIA3 Assured Collaboration Service automatically enables appropriate compression needed for optimal video experience. Automatic Gain Control adjusts microphone levels for speaking volume throughout meeting, while built-in echo cancellation minimizes ambient noise detected by microphones. Service facilitates contact management and enables customization of desktop appearance for meetings.

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VIACK Releases New Version of VIA3 Assured Collaboration Service

Latest Version Enhances Audio, Video and Usability, Reduces Bandwidth by 50 Percent

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Feb. 7 / -- VIACK, a leading authority on secure collaboration and communications, today released the latest version of its flagship product, VIA3 Assured Collaboration Service. The new version brings marked enhancements to video, audio and usability, along with a significant reduction in bandwidth to meet today's needs for quality online communications.

"At VIACK, we work closely with our clients to consistently monitor their secure collaboration needs and obtain feedback on VIA3's quality and usability to assess areas for improvement," said Amy Fadida, senior vice president for VIACK Corporation. "Based on this assessment, we updated the product's most used features to provide greater functionality for their online communications."

According to Fadida, the ability to observe non-verbal communications in a VIA3 meeting is an essential aspect of the product, as visual cues can greatly affect one's communication. In addition to enhancing the video image quality in VIA3, Fadida says the company reduced the bandwidth needed by up to 50 percent. This reduction allows users with slower connections to receive a remarkably clear video image.

The reduction in bandwidth is due to the software's use of H.264, a next- generation video compression technology. According to Fadida, this technology, also known as MPEG-4 Part 10, gives VIA3 the capability to automatically enable the appropriate compression needed for an enhanced video experience.

In addition to improving the video image, VIACK expanded on VIA3's telephone-quality audio by incorporating the following audio improvements:

o Automatic Gain Control (AGC), which automatically adjusts microphone levels for speaking volume throughout a meeting, allowing participants to focus on meeting content rather than adjusting audio levels for themselves and other meeting participants.

o Built-in echo cancellation, which reduces ambient noise often detected by microphones, and leading to an increase in audio clarity and accuracy.

To complement the audio and video improvements, VIACK added overall usability enhancements, including greater flexibility in managing contacts and the ability to customize the desktop appearance of meetings. The newest enhancement to contact management allows the VIA3 user to create 'groups' of contacts to invite to meetings rather than each contact one at a time. VIA3 users are also given a choice of meeting layout options. The Multi-task Layout positions the meeting manager window on the left side of the screen, with all applications and documents opening next to the meeting window, for easy multi-tasking. Alternately, the Classic Layout allows the user to resize and move the meeting window anywhere on the desktop, resizing and repositioning the window as needed.

Enhancements were also make to the whiteboard capability in VIA3, including the addition of a laser pointer, improved page navigation and zooming capabilities of up to 500 percent.

VIACK Corporation is the leading authority on secure collaboration and communications over the Internet. Unlike communication services with limited capabilities, the company's VIA3 Assured Collaboration Service provides organizations with an integrated combination of business communication tools including instant messaging, video, audio and information sharing all in one convenient desktop offering. VIA3 was built from the ground up to establish the highest standard of security, enabling companies to conduct meetings and communications over the Internet without risking theft or interception of sensitive information. Employees, colleagues, partners and vendors can now conduct meetings and share live information as if they were in the same office. VIACK's service has been embraced by leading enterprises, high-tech companies, professional service organizations and the US government. The company's products and services are available from VIACK, authorized service providers and government contracting vehicles. For more information, go to

CONTACT: Cathy Planchard of VIACK Corporation, +1-480-735-5925,;

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