Service aids migration to next generation Internet protocol.

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Leveraging IPsonar network assurance solution, IPv4 to IPv6 Migration Planning Service assists federal agencies and commercial enterprises in transitioning their network infrastructures. IPsonar provides complete network visibility by identifying network's assets, interconnections, and IP addressing. Throughout migration process, snapshots can be taken of network, which can provide visual confirmation of remaining IPv4 infrastructure.

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Lumeta Launches Migration Solution to Ease the Transition to the Next Generation of Internet Protocol

IPv4 to IPv6 Migration Planning Solution Mitigates the Risk of IPv6 Adoption for Federal Agencies and Large Commercial Enterprises

SOMERSET, N.J., Sept. 26 // -- Lumeta, the leading provider of network intelligence solutions for enterprises and government agencies, today announced a new service to assist federal agencies and commercial enterprises in transitioning their network infrastructures from the Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) to Version 6 (IPv6). Lumeta's IPv4 to IPv6 Migration Planning Service leverages the company's flagship network assurance solution, IPsonar, to provide a starting point and initial road map for IT professionals to meet the migration demands imposed by deploying the next generation of Internet protocol.

IPv6 is a critical technology that will help ensure that the Internet can support a growing user base and an increasingly large number of IP-enabled devices. In fact, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) set a deadline of June 30, 2008 for federal agencies to transition to IPv6. The current Internet protocol, IPv4, has served as the underlying protocol for the Internet for almost 30 years. Due to the exponential growth in demand for IP addresses, IPv4's robustness and scalability is under scrutiny. IPv6 was engineered to address these issues and meet today's increasing demand for IP- based services and network devices.

The OMB mandate and self-imposed timeframes have organizations scrambling for tools and strategies to ensure a smooth IPv6 migration. With IPsonar serving as its technology foundation, Lumeta's IPv4 to IPv6 Migration Planning Solution enables organizations to begin strategic planning today and provides a starting point for the migration. IPsonar provides complete network visibility by identifying a network's assets, interconnections and IP addressing, and validating assumptions throughout the network. Throughout the migration process, several snapshots can be taken of the network which can provide immediate results and visual confirmation of the remaining IPv4 infrastructure. Complete network visibility is critical throughout the migration process to meet project deadlines and immediately understand the impact of change on risk and service availability.

"Organizations struggling with migrating to IPv6 need to start with a clear and consistent understanding of everything touching the network," said David Arbeitel, chief technology officer of Lumeta. "Without a baseline of knowledge, starting this overwhelming project is akin to building a skyscraper without a blueprint. By utilizing the power of IPsonar, our migration planning service will ensure organizations go into this project with full knowledge of everything that touches the network, enabling them to understand the challenges ahead and how best to overcome them."

There are several steps that lay the foundation for a successful IPv4 to IPv6 migration. The initial step is to identify the true address space within the network. IPsonar goes beyond the ranges provided to determine network boundaries by using multiple Layer 3 and 4 protocols to discover the unknowns within the network. After the true address space is determined and a baseline is created through IPsonar's network and host discovery process, IPsonar then tests for application visibility through its service discovery capability. This is followed by wireless and operating system discoveries. All of these critical findings lead to the prioritization of tasks for an organization's migration strategy.

Specifically, IPsonar enables an organization to create a blueprint for an IPv6 transition by:
o Rapidly discovering the complete list of IPv4 addresses and address ranges (space) that are active or blocked/filtered in the network
o Identifying devices that can be verified for IPv6 compatibility based on vendor specifications
o Determining key applications which might be slated for transition
o Uncovering authorized and unauthorized wireless devices under IPv4 management
o Customizing fingerprints to further identify systems (using HTTP banner and SNMP system descriptions)
o Discovering operating systems on the network and providing high level reports that correspond to upcoming transition requirements
o Providing status of a current migration plan by identifying the remainder of active IPv4 devices and address space

With a Lumeta-powered blueprint in hand, organizations will then be able to determine the following critical transition items:
o Network inventories and migration risks
o Project timeline based on a thorough understanding of the scope of the migration
o Migration costs based on required hardware, software, network and security technology
o Policies and enforcement mechanisms that can lead to the creation of critical benchmarks and steps to follow in a comprehensive migration strategy
o Adequate security policies and procedures to allow for IPv6 transition without compromising network security

About Lumeta Corporation
Lumeta provides large enterprises and government agencies with the global visibility needed to quantify network risk and measure the impact of network change. Our network assurance solutions enable IT organizations to deploy new business services, maintain existing service levels, and minimize network security risk to ensure compliant operations.

Lumeta's flagship product, IPsonar, is the industry's only solution that allows organizations to measure risk from a global network perspective. IPsonar maps every asset on a network -- including assets not currently under management -- visualizes the connectivity between assets and networks to uncover risk patterns and policy weaknesses, and enables network and security teams to bring unknown assets under management while deploying security technology more effectively to mitigate risk.

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