Service accelerates delivery of Internet applications.

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RAPIDnet Cloud Acceleration Network(TM) enables deployment of interactive, cloud applications and data services over Internet without private dedicated networks or need to build out multiple data centers. LAN-like performance and consistency is achieved by using multiple parallel pathways across Internet to aggregate bandwidth. RAPIDnet optimizes bi-directional traffic, accelerates encrypted traffic (IPSec and SSL), and maintains complete application independence (TCP- and UDP-based).

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Asankya Announces Cloud Acceleration Network for High Speed Delivery of Internet Applications

RAPIDnet service delivers 40X performance increase

ATLANTA, June 23, 2009 -- Asankya(TM) today announced the general availability of its RAPIDnet Cloud Acceleration Network(TM) service. The RAPIDnet service provides up to a 40X performance improvement for Internet applications and delivers the reliability, security and global consistency necessary to make users productive anywhere in the world. As a result, corporate, SaaS and government customers can now deploy interactive, cloud applications and data services delivered over the Internet without the need to utilize expensive private dedicated networks or build out multiple data centers to support users worldwide.

"There has been plenty of innovation in the cloud computing and cloud storage marketplaces but with relatively little focus on overcoming the issues arising from the remote connection between the cloud and the customer's site," said Jeff Boles, Senior Analyst for the Taneja Group. "By focusing on optimizing the remote connection with a versatile set of software technology, Asankya's RAPIDnet looks poised to tackle the problems of performance, consistency and security while knocking down one more obstacle between customers and cloud computing."

Asankya's RAPIDnet provides LAN-like performance and consistency even when users are far-removed from application origin by using multiple parallel pathways across the Internet to aggregate bandwidth. With its breakthrough performance and unique ability to accelerate encrypted, application independent traffic, RAPIDnet enables customers to take advantage of the economics of using the Internet backbone for the secure delivery of applications and removes the barriers for broad cloud computing adoption.

"Asankya's RAPIDnet improves the performance for our customers on average of 15X for upload and download speeds for moving and accessing files from all over the world, which translates into higher subscription conversion and retention rates," said Jan Nilsson of Diino, one of the Top Ten online storage systems in the world and a leading provider of backup, secure online storage and file sharing technologies to 1.4 million worldwide users. "Just as important, Asankya's RAPIDnet removed the need to build out costly data center footprint in Mexico and the U.S. to service our rapidly growing customer base, giving us a very strong ROI."

"With clients across a wide variety of industries across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia, it was imperative that we were able to provide fast, secure, reliable and consistent access to a wide variety of applications and file types," said Vineet Jain, President and CEO, of Egnyte, a leading SaaS provider of on-demand file server solutions for small businesses and professionals. "The Asankya RAPIDnet service would allow our clients to easily and quickly store and retrieve their files without the location of our hosting center affecting the quality of their experience and without them suffering from bandwidth restrictions from overburdened Internet connections."

"Companies are looking to the cloud for the economic benefits and Asankya is the first to remove the barriers to cloud adoption by optimizing secure Internet application delivery and providing maximum performance," said Asankya co-founder and CEO Scott Ryan. "Asankya's RAPIDnet service ensures reliability of mission-critical applications, reduces the time for sending and receiving data from hours to seconds, and requires no modification to existing applications or encryption policies. Quite simply, Asankya is a must-have for hosted application delivery in the cloud."

Asankya RAPIDnet Cloud Acceleration Network
Asankya's RAPIDnet is offered as an Internet application delivery network service. RAPIDnet is the only application delivery service that optimizes bi-directional traffic (up and down), accelerates encrypted traffic (IPSec and SSL) and maintains complete application independence (TCP- and UDP-based). The RAPID protocol, the cornerstone of Asankya's RAPIDnet, is a breakthrough parallel networking technology that works on top of the Internet Protocol (IP) and is fully standard compliant. The RAPID protocol solves transport inefficiencies inherent in TCP, increases aggregate throughput across the Internet by using multiple available pathways and removes duplicate packet transmission (packet dedupe) by caching byte sequences. The protocol research was initially funded by the National Science Foundation, developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology and first deployed by the U.S. Intelligence Community.

About Asankya (
Asankya is the cloud acceleration company for the high speed delivery of Internet-based applications. The company's RAPIDnet Cloud Acceleration Network is utilized by leading SaaS companies, cloud storage providers, internal enterprise cloud users and key government entities. Asankya is venture-backed by Veritas Venture Partners, In-Q-Tel, Seraph Group, Georgia Research Alliance and Ridgewood Advisors. Asankya is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

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