Server is built for scalability and density.

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Housed in 19 in. rack, Cepoint Blade Server accommodates up to 10 blades in 7U of rack space. Power, cooling, and networking devices are removed from each individual server and positioned to rear of system, minimizing required amount of space. In addition to minimizing cabling concerns, system provides total remote control of individual blades, power supplies, cooling fans, and networking switches. Unit accepts 40 processors per unit or 240 processors per rack and up to 640 GB memory.

Original Press Release:

Cepoint Announced Cepoint Blade Server

May 23, 2007, Nashua, NH. Cepoint Networks, LLC announced release Of blade server ,now shipping. Our new Blade-Server is revolutionizing the way the industry looks at infrastructure Management, going beyond the server market with a systematic approach to design and Storage( An agile approach to infrastructure management for your agency.

Cepoint Blade Server Offers many unique advantages that differentiates it from competitor,s Blade products and traditional rack-mount solutions. Customers benefits includes maximum Affordability, reduced management costs, Lower power consumption, Optimal ROI, and And in most applications, Cepoint Blade Servers even reduce the acquisition cost.

Space Optimization. Cepoint Blade Server is housed within a 19" industry rack. The servers Reduce server footprint in the data center. Power, cooling and networking devices are removed From each individual server and positioned to the rear of system thereby reducing the required Amount of space. The system takes up to ten blades in a 7U, compared to the 10U of rack space That ten 1U blades would normally require as individual units. Cepoint Blade provides about 40% Improved density with up to 60 total servers in a 42 rack Virtual Connect- Simplify, and make your data center change-ready.

The system greatly simplifies the cabling process by aggregating cabling of ten servers at once. Up to 70% of network,power and KVM cabling required for ten 1U servers are reduced by moving Blade servers in one unit. These cabling reduction continues across networking, SAN connectivity, And management controllers. Reducing the number of cables speeds up deployment of the system and helps reduce troubleshooting to the blade system.

To protect customer's investment, each blade module is fully upgradeable for future CPUs. The common system architecture ensures each blade is fully interchangeable as well.

The system provides total remote control of individual blade, power supplies,cooling fans,and Networking switches remotely. Systems administrators can enjoy the management ease and Reassurance of continuous onboard instrumentation monitoring(temperature sensors,power Status,voltage and fan speed) Remote power control capabilities to reboot and/or reset the Server as well as remote access to the BIOS configuration and operating system console Information via SOL(serial over LAN) or embedded KVM capabilities.

Cepoint Blade Special Features:

Best Density in the industry per 42U Rack
40 processors (160 cores) per unit or 240 processors (960 cores) per rack.
Supports current and next generation processors.
Highest memory expansion capability in the industry (640GB memory e.g 10-blade system w/quad opteron rev.F)
Fastest and most cost-effective networking solution. (20Gbps per port with DDR InfiniBand switches available Dual 1-GbE switches- layer 2 switch with 10 external uplink ports.)
Delivers an unmatched combination of two-processors, dual-core, or quad-core performance and expansion

Cepoint Networks, LLC is a systems integration and consulting firm specialized in applied computing products and services for enterprise applications, telephony and telecommunications industry, Government, utilities and industrial markets. Cepoint's products and services include turnkey rack mount fault-tolerant cluster servers for mission-critical applications and high performance computing, telephony systems for voice processing, video/audio conferencing, real-time large scale surveillance, message logging and telecasting and, rugged portable lunch box workstations for field applications, network engineers and technicians. 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U Fail-Resilient Raid storage, SAN, NAS and servers for audio and video data archives or real-time video/data streaming and VoIP, custom hardware and software integration.

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