SERS Analysis Package analyzes low concentration samples.

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Designed to simplify Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy technique, DXR/SERS Analysis Package features instrumentation from DXR family of Raman spectrometers, software, sampling accessories, SERS substrates, and instructions. Laser power control helps users avoid sample damage or detector saturation. Interchangeable lasers can also be used for substrates that demand different wavelengths alongside verification solution which allows user to check validity and performance of substrates.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Unveils New Thermo Scientific DXR Raman SERS Analysis Package for Fast, Simple Analysis of Low Concentration Samples

MADISON, WI - Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced the launch of its new DXR/SERS Analysis Package designed to simplify the Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) technique. The Thermo Scientific package features instrumentation from the DXR family of Raman spectrometers and offers the efficiency and precision of SERS along with a pre-configured sampling method that facilitates implementation without the need for specialist expertise.

The SERS technique works to intensify the sensitivity level of the Raman method, facilitating the analysis of extremely small, low concentration samples. This technique results in improved sensitivity, accuracy and efficiency in a range of biological and diagnostic analyses. The SERS effect functions when an analyte closely interacts with a prepared metal surface. When this occurs the Raman excitation laser generates surface plasmons along the surface of the metal. As a consequence of the surface plasmons interacting with the analyte, the Raman emission is significantly increased.

SERS is an increasingly relevant technique in the fields of biochemistry, forensics, food safety, threat detection and clinical research. Samples that have been examined using SERS include bacteria on food, trace evidence from crime scenes, research on cellular materials and blood glucose.

The DXR/SERS Analysis Package is a complete kit for SERS analysis, integrating the full range of Thermo Scientific DXR Raman instrumentation, software, sampling accessories, SERS substrates and instructions. The package features a range of proven SERS substrates, avoiding the problem of time-consuming and expensive substrate development. Additionally, the package offers precision laser power control to help users avoid sample damage or detector saturation. Interchangeable lasers can also be used for substrates that demand different wavelengths alongside a verification solution which allows the user to easily check the validity and performance of substrates.

"Since revolutionizing the Raman spectroscopy market with the introduction of the Thermo Scientific DXR Raman platform in 2008, we have continued in our efforts to make the Raman technique accessible for non-specialist users," said Mike Jost, vice president and general manager of molecular spectroscopy and microanalysis for Thermo Fisher Scientific. "The addition of the SERS solution to our range of complete analysis packages helps increase the reach of this powerful technique."

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