Serial Flash Memory stores data and parameter information.

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Non-volatile, 8-Mbit M45PE80 offers fine granularity for applications that involve rapidly changing data and parameter information. Each page of 256 bytes can be individually erased and programmed, while write instruction offers ability to update data at byte level. One page of 256 bytes can be written in 12ms, programmed in 2ms, and erased in 10ms. Product fits in 8-pin Micro Leadframe Package, achieving SO8 footprint. It is accessed through SPI bus with clock rate of 25 MHz.

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STMicroelectronics Introduces Serial Flash Family for Data and Parameter Storage

Page-based organization allows fast-changing data to be accommodated

Lexington MA, May 30, 2003 - STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) has launched the first in a family of high-speed low-voltage serial Flash memories for use in applications that involve a large amount of rapidly changing data and parameter information.

The M45PE80 is an 8Mbit serial Flash memory designed for use in applications such as digital answering machines, pagers, digital cameras, home video game systems and toys. The device will also find uses in portable scanners, fax machines, cellular phones, voice memo recorders, printers, PDA, MP3 players/recorders, GPS and measurement systems.

The M45PExx is a high-capacity non-volatile memory offering fine granularity. Each page of 256 bytes can be individually erased and programmed. Furthermore a Write instruction offers the possibility to update data at the byte level. A page of 256 bytes can be written in 12ms, programmed in 2ms and erased in 10ms. In addition, the M45PExx architecture is optimized so that the application software is reduced to the minimum.

The M45PExx is accessed through a standard SPI bus with an enhanced clock rate of 25MHz, for fast data transfer. It runs from a 2.7V to 3.6V supply and, to reduce power consumption, it features a deep power-down mode that draws just 1µA. By using a serial bus, the application's master bus can control the memory bus, drastically lowering pin count and thus lowering overall system costs.

The M45PE80 fits in the very small 8-pin MLP (Micro Leadframe Package), achieving an SO8 (150mils) footprint. Minimum data retention is 20 years and write endurance is 100,000 cycles. Samples are available now and volume production is ramping-up.

The M45PE80 is available now at $2.50 in quantities of 10K units.

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