Serial-Ethernet Converter supports Dynamic DNS and PPPoE.

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Linux-based HelloDevice SS100 employs 32-bit processor, embedded web server, and open Linux platform. It supports RS232/422/485 serial communication, allowing most asynchronous serial devices to be accessed over network via its DB9 serial port. Converter handles serial data transfer rates up to 230 kbps, supports TCP/UDP-based communication modes, and includes modem emulation mode, status monitor, error log monitor, and IP address filtering.

Original Press Release:

Serial-Ethernet Converter with Dynamic DNS and PPPoE Support

The HelloDevice SS100 from Sena Technologies is a Linux-based serial to Ethernet converter with 32-bit Processor, Embedded web server, and open Linux platform to manage serial devices over the network. The HelloDevice SS100 supports RS232/422/485 serial communication allowing virtually any asynchronous serial device to be accessed over a network via its DB9 serial port and handles serial data transfer rate up to 230 kbit/s. The unit supports TCP/UDP based communication modes, and presents a modem interface to the attached serial device in modem emulation mode. It accepts AT modem commands and makes raw serial data to travel across a local LAN.

The HelloDevice SS100 has the support of Dynamic DNS, and PPPoE (PPP-over-Ethernet) allowing serial devices to be accessed over DSL-based broadband network or conventional LAN (Local Area Network) environment through the 10/100 Mbps (10Base-T, 100Base-TX) ethernet interface. It provides the full-featured management functions such as status monitor; remote reset, error log monitor and firmware upgrade using Telnet, serial console port or Web browser under the password protection support.

In addition, the HelloDevice SS100 provides IP address filtering function to protect unintentional data streams to be transmitted to the serial device, and public key cryptography based SSL data encryption to promise secure data communication. Application areas include Industrial Automation, Network management, Retail/Point of Sale, Remote metering, Remote display, Building automation, Security/Access control Systems, General data acquisition application, and Medical Automation.

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