SERAPID Produces Custom Products for Metrology Solutions Company

STERLING HEIGHTS, MI, - Serapid, Inc., a leading supplier of lift and transfer systems has produced customized telescopic mast systems for an engineering-based metrology specialist services provider based in Quebec, Canada.

Serapid produced 20 freestanding telescoping mast units for a metrology installation. The masts have a minimal footprint and can be positioned with an accuracy of less than 1" on 3 axes with a mast speed of 20 fpm. The unique Rigid Chain lift column is powered electro-mechanically, avoiding the issues involved with hydraulics and pneumatics, and allowing for the smooth extension and retraction of the masts even in case of high side forces (wind) or in case of ice build up on the mast surfaces. The masts can also be used in a temporary installation, and can be positioned fairly quickly.

"These masts are another example of the versatility of the Rigid Chain", commented Said Lounis, President and founder of Serapid Inc., "with typical methods the masts would need to be permanently installed prior to first use. With the Rigid Chain, the masts can be positioned fairly quickly."

About Serapid
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