Serapid Designs a Safe and Quick Die Handling Solution for a Midwest Manufacturer

STERLING HEIGHTS,MI- Serapid USA designs a safe and quick die handling solution for a Midwest manufacturer.

When a producer of motor laminates installed a new 200 ton straight-side press they were faced with the issue of providing access to the back of the press to release the rear clamps. The manufacturing process had short runs with frequent die changes and the layout of the press area would require the operator to navigate the feed area or scrap area to access the rear of the press, creating lengthy downtimes and the potential for work accidents.

Serapid's Quick Die Change experts were asked to come up with a solution. Instead of standard removable bolster clamps, Serapid designed a system with auto-travel clamps, pneumatically activated and operated with a simple switch. The operator can release the sub-plate automatically and easily slide the plate out from the front of the press. This virtually hands-free operation can be done in a matter of minutes, safely.

Serapid has a longstanding commitment to continued innovation and product development as well as to providing leadership in the advancement of engineering practices worldwide.

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The award winning lift, quick die change and horizontal transfer system provider, Serapid, Inc. (, specializes in Rigid Chain Technology for applications in diverse industries including: architecture, nuclear, medical, defense, steel, automation, engineering, manufacturing, theater, and entertainment. Serapid has thousands of successful high-profile installations worldwide.

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