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Available in several mounting configurations, pH/ORP sensor utilizes sealed reference design where second glass pH electrode acts as reference element to protect sensor from chemical poisons. Electrode used for ORP measurement can be platinum or gold depending on process solution. Pre-amplifier encapsulated in body ensures stable readings in harsh environments, while sensor diagnostics alerts user in event of electrode breakage, or integral temperature sensor failure.

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Analytical Technology Launches New pH/ORP Monitor

(December 07, 2006) Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATi) has introduced an innovative pH/ORP monitor, a superior sensor technology for advanced process measurement. The novel and versatile pH/ORP sensor has been designed for use in all industrial and municipal applications and is engineered to function normally in applications where conventional sensors quickly fail.

Traditional pH/ORP sensors have an "open reference system," meaning the reference element and electrolyte are in contact with the process, allowing chemicals to diffuse into the chamber and alter the reference system. When this problem occurs the cleaning and calibration cycles increase and the sensors fail much faster, costing time and money to fix. The revolutionary pH/ORP sensor from ATi utilises a "sealed reference system" where the sensors are constructed with a second glass pH electrode as the reference element. This glass reference system protects the sensor from the chemical poisons that destroy conventional pH systems.

The innovative pH/ORP can also be user-specified to ensure measurement reliability and maximum sensor lifetime. The metal electrode used for ORP measurement can be platinum or gold, depending on the chemical makeup of the process solution, and the type of glass used in the pH electrodes can be selected for optimal performance.

An additional feature of the pH/ORP sensor is the integral pre-amplifier which is encapsulated in the body of the pH/ORP sensor. This feature creates a low impedance signal output, ensuring stable readings in harsh environments, and maximises the distance between sensor and analyser. Sensor diagnostics are used to alert the user in the event of electrode breakage, loss of sensor seal integrity, or integral temperature sensor failure.

The pH/ORP sensor is available in several mounting configurations including the 1" NPT convertible style sensor which provides outstanding mechanical strength and chemical resistance, and an insertion-style sensor for hot tap applications.

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